2011 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft

2011 MOCK DRAFT RESULTS (Monday, March 21, 2011)

01. Eric, 4th & Home

Being at the end of snaking draft with 45 seconds per pick is not a fun experience.  Taking Pujols with the first pick is a no brainer.  Pujols is awesome, but Pujols in a contract year… Dang!  I got bit by the auto draft bug three times (McCann, Rollins, & Beltre), but none of those picks were bad for where they fell (#51, #70, & #90 respectively).  I’m pretty happy with how my outfield turned out.  Holliday is a stud, Heyward & Jackson have great upside, and Ellsbury should have a huge bounce back now that he’s totally healthy.  After Grabbing Lincecum in the 3rd round, I waited a little longer than usual to grab more starting pitching.  Fellow Giant, Matt Cain, will make a nice #2 and I found a lot of value in the later rounds.  I’m lacking a bit in the strikeout department, but otherwise I’ve got a solid rotation.  I missed out on the closer run and paid the price.  An injured Andrew Bailey and Ryan Franklin will leave me hurting in saves category.  Overall, It wasn’t a bad draft.  Rotowire and Baseball HQ project me finishing in 2nd place and Mastersball has me in 3rd place.

Player Team Acquired
1B Albert Pujols STL R1 P1
1B Gaby Sanchez FLA R23 P1
2B Neil Walker PIT R14 P10
3B Adrian Beltre TEX R8 P10
SS Jimmy Rollins PHI R6 P10
SS Marco Scutaro BOS R20 P10
C Brian McCann ATL R5 P1
OF Matt Holliday STL R2 P10
OF Jason Heyward ATL R4 P10
OF Jacoby Ellsbury BOS R7 P1
OF Austin Jackson DET R10 P10
OF Nick Swisher NYY R12 P10
OF Carlos Quentin CHW R16 P10
OF Jason Bay NYM R18 P10
SP Tim Lincecum SF R3 P1
SP Matt Cain SF R9 P1
SP Brett Anderson OAK R11 P1
SP Tim Hudson ATL R15 P1
SP Jaime Garcia STL R17 P1
SP Jhoulys Chacin COL R19 P1
SP C.J. Wilson TEX R22 P10
RP Andrew Bailey OAK R13 P1
RP Ryan Franklin STL R21 P1
02. Jason Toy, H2H Hombre

Brian says: Coming in first in the “Oh man, that’s the guy I wanted to take” category was H2H Hombre AKA Jason Toy. Undoubtedly the best infield in my opinion with a ton of power having Fielder, Uggla, Zimmerman, Hanley and V. Martinez all on his squad. The outfield is average or slightly below with Rios, D. Young and Wells as the top 3, probably shouldn’t have spent all 5 of his first picks in the infield. Starting pitchers you have to hope for some upside with the only true #1 being Zack Greinke who is on the shelf a couple starts, but again solid on the relief pitchers. Overall, good squad with an infield that will fill up the stat line.

Player Team Acquired
1B Prince Fielder MIL R3 P2
1B Freddie Freeman ATL R20 P9
2B Dan Uggla ATL R5 P2
2B Omar Infante FLA R21 P2
3B Ryan Zimmerman WAS R2 P9
3B Pedro Alvarez PIT R9 P2
SS Hanley Ramirez FLA R1 P2
SS Ryan Theriot STL R22 P9
C Victor Martinez DET R4 P9
OF Alexis Rios CHW R7 P2
OF Delmon Young MIN R11 P2
OF Vernon Wells ANA R12 P9
OF Juan Pierre CHW R13 P2
OF Jose Tabata PIT R16 P9
SP Zack Greinke MIL R6 P9
SP Chad Billingsley LA R8 P9
SP Trevor Cahill OAK R10 P9
SP Brett Myers HOU R18 P9
SP Javier Vazquez FLA R19 P2
SP Brian Matusz BAL R23 P2
RP J.J. Putz ARI R14 P9
RP Chris Perez CLE R15 P2
RP Drew Storen WAS R17 P2
03. Brian

So I started the draft with Evan Longoria, Felix Hernandez, Nelson Cruz and Justin Upton, I was feeling pretty good at that point. I have to admit, the 45 second time limit had me rushing at times though. I decided at this point to go against the grain and load up on pitchers which looked like a value to me so I followed those four with Ubaldo Jimenez, Tommy Hanson, Jay Bruce and Paul Konerko. That’s where I started to go off the tracks wavering between best available and filling holes (Not a good idea). Rounds 9-12 were a blur of Martin Prado, Heath Bell, Geovany Soto and Matt Garza. Have to admit, I pulled the trigger early on Soto to fill a hole and then slapped myself when I saw Wieters go off the board 3 picks later. Couple of auto picks later I was rattled, but I think some late bargains like Chipper Jones in the 16th round and Carlos Zambrano in the 20th helped me stave off the worst draft label.

Player Team Acquired
1B Paul Konerko CHW R8 P8
1B Adam LaRoche WAS R19 P3
2B Martin Prado ATL R9 P3
3B Evan Longoria TB R1 P3
3B Chipper Jones ATL R16 P8
SS Rafael Furcal LA R15 P3
SS Miguel Tejada SF R21 P3
C Geovany Soto CHC R11 P3
OF Nelson Cruz TEX R3 P3
OF Justin Upton ARI R4 P8
OF Jay Bruce CIN R7 P3
OF Alfonso Soriano CHC R14 P8
OF Magglio Ordonez DET R18 P8
DH David Ortiz BOS R17 P3
SP Felix Hernandez SEA R2 P8
SP Ubaldo Jimenez COL R5 P3
SP Tommy Hanson ATL R6 P8
SP Matt Garza CHC R12 P8
SP Ryan Dempster CHC R13 P3
SP Carlos Zambrano CHC R20 P8
SP Jorge De La Rosa COL R23 P3
RP Heath Bell SD R10 P8
RP Matt Capps MIN R22 P8
04. Ryan Hallam – Fantasy Alarm

Mike says: If Beckham and Sandoval bounce back, Ryan might have the best infield in this draft. I love the Kemp and Rasmus picks for his outfield and Snider and Seth Smith could be huge if they live up to their potential. Verlander and Latos 1-2 is solid. Morrow might be a WHIP killer, but the K/9 king is the real deal. I am seeing the old Jurrjens in camp, so a 21st round pick could be a steal for the past Top 15 pitcher. To round out the team, 3 solid Closers who “could” all be Top 5. Overall, a pretty balanced team.

Player Team Acquired
1B Miguel Cabrera DET R1 P4
2B Gordon Beckham CHW R13 P4
2B Howie Kendrick ANA R15 P4
3B Pablo Sandoval SF R10 P7
3B Ian Stewart COL R14 P7
3B Chris Johnson HOU R23 P4
SS Jose Reyes NYM R3 P4
C Buster Posey SF R4 P7
OF Matt Kemp LA R2 P7
OF Colby Rasmus STL R8 P7
OF Curtis Granderson NYY R9 P4
OF Andres Torres SF R17 P4
OF Travis Snider TOR R20 P7
OF Seth Smith COL R22 P7
SP CC Sabathia NYY R5 P4
SP Justin Verlander DET R6 P7
SP Mat Latos SD R7 P4
SP Brandon Morrow TOR R12 P7
SP Philip Hughes NYY R18 P7
SP Jair Jurrjens ATL R21 P4
RP Brian Wilson SF R11 P4
RP Jonathan Broxton LA R16 P7
RP Joe Nathan MIN R19 P4
05. Mike, 4th and Home

Ugh, the auto-pick monster got me a few times. No, I did not want Utley or Ichiro. For this mock, let’s assume Utley is even 90% healthy and Ichiro is just 30 years old. Cool? Great. I think Tulow was a no-brainer at Pick 5 especially if you subscribe to VORP. IMO the drop-off at SS warrants it. Tulow will give me great stats across the board and then paired with Big Teix at 1B I laid a great foundation. I felt Mauer dropped, so getting the top C in the 3rd round was a steal. Cough cough…Utley pick. Cough cough…Ichiro pick. I followed up with back-to-back pitchers who will notch me about 400 K. At pick 76 I felt Kendry(s) Morales was a bargain considering it’s his bone and not a muscle or joint. 4th round value in round 8. Bank it. Might’ve reached a bit on Stubbs, but I needed upside with power and his low average would be compensated for by the guys before him. Closers started flying off the board so I nabbed the top one at pick 96 who will get me more K than most SP. Thank you.

The rest of the draft I tried to focus on value. Starting pitching can be had very late, so don’t reach too much when you can fill out your staff much later. Aviles, to me, was a steal as was Reynolds in the 13th! He’ll kill my average, but my power top to bottom is for real. A 21st round flier on Adam Lind? Why not. (To my surprise, Rotowire, Mastersball, and The Hardball Times think I have the best team. Baseball HQ thinks I’ll finish 4th and it’s far enough away to leave me 4th in overall projections. See here.)

Player Team Acquired
1B Mark Teixeira NYY R2 P6
1B Kendry Morales ANA R8 P6
2B Chase Utley PHI R4 P6
2B Mike Aviles KC R19 P5
3B Mark Reynolds BAL R13 P5
SS Troy Tulowitzki COL R1 P5
C Joe Mauer MIN R3 P5
OF Ichiro Suzuki SEA R5 P5
OF Drew Stubbs CIN R9 P5
OF Adam Jones BAL R15 P5
OF Carlos Lee HOU R16 P6
OF Coco Crisp OAK R22 P6
DH Luke Scott BAL R18 P6
DH Adam Lind TOR R21 P5
SP David Price TB R6 P6
SP Dan Haren ANA R7 P5
SP Clay Buchholz BOS R11 P5
SP Colby Lewis TEX R12 P6
SP Ted Lilly LA R14 P6
SP Edinson Volquez CIN R17 P5
SP Ricky Nolasco FLA R20 P6
RP Carlos Marmol CHC R10 P6
RP Brandon Lyon HOU R23 P5
06. Jonathan C. Mitchell, MLBdirt.com

Killboy says: Offensively, Jon filled up his roster pretty well with a good mix of power and speed. He started out with back-to-back outfielders which wasn’t a bad idea considering we have 5 outfield spots to fill. But, instead of taking a risk with Josh Hamilton in the 2nd, I probably would have gone with Teixeira. Since he waited to take a first baseman, he was forced to take Billy Butler in the 9th. He did follow up nicely with taking Aubrey Huff in the 14th. During the draft he mentioned how he thought grabbing Bautista in round 5 was a stretch. I think he would have had a bigger problem if he wouldn’t have taken a corner infielder by the end of round 5. He has the least amount of starting pitchers because he drafted four closers. His starting pitching isn’t very deep but I do love Liriano and Lester.

Player Team Acquired
1B Billy Butler KC R9 P6
1B Aubrey Huff SF R14 P5
2B Ian Kinsler TEX R4 P5
2B Rickie Weeks MIL R6 P5
2B Ben Zobrist TB R12 P5
SS Stephen Drew ARI R10 P5
SS Starlin Castro CHC R16 P5
C Matt Wieters BAL R11 P6
OF Carlos Gonzalez COL R1 P6
OF Josh Hamilton TEX R2 P5
OF Jose Bautista TOR R5 P6
OF B.J. Upton TB R8 P5
OF Angel Pagan NYM R18 P5
OF Dexter Fowler COL R21 P6
SP Jon Lester BOS R3 P6
SP Francisco Liriano MIN R7 P6
SP Wandy Rodriguez HOU R13 P6
SP James Shields TB R22 P5
SP Anibal Sanchez FLA R23 P6
RP Craig Kimbrel ATL R15 P6
RP Jose Valverde DET R17 P6
RP Joel Hanrahan PIT R19 P6
RP Francisco Cordero CIN R20 P5
07. Killboy, 4th and Home

The early rounds in my draft went pretty well. My plan was to draft Robinson Cano and Adrian Gonzalez in rounds one and two. Ryan Howard fell to me in round three so that was an absolute no-brainer. I was targeting Andrew McCutchen and Andre Ethier so I was happy with those picks. I wanted Jose Bautista in the fifth but he was taken ahead of me so that made my Ethier selection even easier. Derek Jeter was an auto-draft but really not a bad value in round seven. I drafted Michael Bourn in round 16 because I was a little short in the speed department. I was criticized for drafting Jered Weaver in the sixth but he was the next starter in my rankings and seven more starters flew off the board before my next pick. I am happy with the rest of my staff as they should provide me with plenty of wins and strikeouts. Jonathan Sanchez in round 18 and Josh Beckett in round 20 were great value picks. Overall I think my team is very strong and balanced.

Player Team Acquired
1B Adrian Gonzalez BOS R2 P4
1B Ryan Howard PHI R3 P7
1B Carlos Pena CHC R17 P7
2B Robinson Cano NYY R1 P7
2B Juan Uribe LA R23 P7
3B Michael Young TEX R9 P7
SS Derek Jeter NYY R7 P7
C Miguel Montero ARI R22 P4
OF Andrew McCutchen PIT R4 P4
OF Andre Ethier LA R5 P7
OF Corey Hart MIL R12 P4
OF Shane Victorino PHI R13 P7
OF Michael Bourn HOU R16 P4
OF Logan Morrison FLA R19 P7
SP Jered Weaver ANA R6 P4
SP Roy Oswalt PHI R8 P4
SP Max Scherzer DET R10 P4
SP Jeremy Hellickson TB R15 P7
SP Jonathan Sanchez SF R18 P4
SP Josh Beckett BOS R20 P4
RP Neftali Feliz TEX R11 P7
RP Jonathan Papelbon BOS R14 P4
RP Francisco Rodriguez NYM R21 P7
08. Chris, 4th and Home

Very happy to see Votto fall to me at pick #8.  I think he’s ahead of Miggy actually and you can expect similar MVP-type numbers this year in the potent Reds offense.  Loved picking up Kevin Youkilis in round 4; it should only take him a few games to obtain 3b eligibility, and, if he stays healthy, he’s a lock for 95/25/100/.295.  In leagues that use OPS, he’s even more valuable.  I thought Chris Carpenter in round 8 was a steal, cant believe he fell that far, and Danks in round 15 was an even bigger surprise.  Didnt see Jonathan Sanchez still on the board in round 18 when I picked Jordan Zimmermann (though I do like Zimm), and Ibanez in round 19 was just a throwaway pick, but Dustin Ackley and Danny Espinosa two of the last three picks were worthy fliers, given the remaining names to choose from.

Player Team Acquired
1B Joey Votto CIN R1 P8
1B Kevin Youkilis BOS R4 P3
2B Brandon Phillips CIN R5 P8
2B Kelly Johnson ARI R9 P8
2B Dustin Ackley SEA R21 P8
2B Danny Espinosa WAS R23 P8
3B Alex Rodriguez NYY R2 P3
SS Ian Desmond WAS R17 P8
C Michael Napoli TEX R13 P8
OF Shin-Soo Choo CLE R3 P8
OF Jayson Werth WAS R7 P8
OF Nick Markakis BAL R12 P3
OF Raul Ibanez PHI R19 P8
OF Rajai Davis TOR R22 P3
SP Yovani Gallardo MIL R6 P3
SP Chris Carpenter STL R8 P3
SP Shaun Marcum MIL R11 P8
SP Ricky Romero TOR R14 P3
SP John Danks CHW R15 P8
SP Madison Bumgarner SF R16 P3
SP Jordan Zimmermann WAS R18 P3
RP Joakim Soria KC R10 P3
RP Brad Lidge PHI R20 P3
09. Jesse, 4th and Home

I might have been victimized by Auto-Pick more than anyone – 7 times from my latest count.  Somehow when my name was announced it was already down to 10 seconds left.   But enough excuses here’s my take.  Picking 9th in a snake draft  is tricky – you have a long time between picks and you sometimes risk reaching to get guys you want.  I had immediate buyers remorse on my first pick of Braun when Wright went 2 picks later because there is a good drop off in 3B, but still Braun is the top OF so I didn’t do too bad.  On the quick turn I saw that Halladay was far and away the most valuable guy available so I pounced.  I quickly realized I needed to shore up the infield and was happy to have Pedroia fall to me in the 3rd.  Again on the quick turn I saw my strategy shift a bit when I saw Lee was at the top of my board and knew my team strength would be pitching and speed.  I’m not happy that Morneau is my starting 1B so I definitely think I let that position slip too far and might have taken Dunn over Pedroia.  Again on the turn I stayed consistent and nabbed yet another SP1 in Johnson to complete my 3-headed monster of a staff.

From there, like Mike, I focused on value picks, constantly checking my board vs. ADP looking for guys who have slipped through the cracks. And since I had such a head start on my pitching staff I was gobbling up position players while most were in SP mode.  Guys like Sizemore, McGehee, Gardner, Span I got 17-23 picks above their ADP. And since there was no way I could catch up in the power categories I went for speed (R & SB) at my MI/Utility spots with the likes of Figgins and  Brian Roberts at pick #169 (ADP 111!) Late in the draft I was  still able to round out my pitching staff with steals like John Lackey at pick #212 (ADP 172) and an insurance closer in my last pick in Nunez a steal at pick #229 (ADP 201).

Based on my own rankings I feel I have the best team (shouldn’t everyone?), but based on the competition and the technical difficulties I was up against, I’ll take my 4th place.

Player Team Acquired
1B Justin Morneau MIN R5 P9
1B Derrek Lee BAL R12 P2
2B Dustin Pedroia BOS R3 P9
2B Chone Figgins SEA R14 P2
2B Brian Roberts BAL R17 P9
3B Casey McGehee MIL R11 P9
SS Alexei Ramirez CHW R9 P9
C Carlos Santana CLE R7 P9
OF Ryan Braun MIL R1 P9
OF Michael Stanton FLA R8 P2
OF Brett Gardner NYY R13 P9
OF Grady Sizemore CLE R15 P9
OF Bobby Abreu ANA R16 P2
OF Denard Span MIN R21 P9
SP Roy Halladay PHI R2 P2
SP Cliff Lee PHI R4 P2
SP Josh Johnson FLA R6 P2
SP Hiroki Kuroda LA R18 P2
SP Gavin Floyd CHW R20 P2
SP John Lackey BOS R22 P2
RP Mariano Rivera NYY R10 P2
RP Huston Street COL R19 P9
RP Leo Nunez FLA R23 P9
10. Nate Marcum, 4th and Home Fan
Player Team Acquired
1B Adam Dunn CHW R4 P1
2B Aaron Hill TOR R9 P10
2B Tsuyoshi Nishioka MIN R23 P10
3B David Wright NYM R1 P10
3B Aramis Ramirez CHC R12 P1
SS Elvis Andrus TEX R7 P10
C Jorge Posada NYY R19 P10
OF Carl Crawford BOS R2 P1
OF Hunter Pence HOU R6 P1
OF Chris Young ARI R8 P1
OF Torii Hunter ANA R13 P10
OF Ryan Raburn DET R17 P10
OF Manny Ramirez TB R18 P1
DH Vladimir Guerrero BAL R10 P1
SP Clayton Kershaw LA R3 P10
SP Cole Hamels PHI R5 P10
SP Dan Hudson ARI R11 P10
SP Gio Gonzalez OAK R14 P1
SP Mike Minor ATL R20 P1
SP Edwin Jackson CHW R22 P1
RP John Axford MIL R15 P10
RP Matt Thornton CHW R16 P1
RP Jon Rauch TOR R21 P10

Check out the projected standings at Mock Draft Central in all four projection systems (here).


10 responses to “2011 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft

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  2. H2H Hombre 24 March 2011 at 11:22

    Great work guys! Too bad this wasn’t a real league I would have loved to see how everyone’s strategy worked out. Maybe at the end of the year I will put a post that takes our drafted teams and compiles the stats to see whose draft team would have won (with no moves). To my defense I was drafting in a H2H format haha.

    • Mike 24 March 2011 at 13:30

      Hey, we all were drafting in a H2H format too…

      Yeah, end-of-year compilation would be a great idea! Keep us informed. Thanks again.

      • Chris I. 25 March 2011 at 11:54

        Damnnn, didnt think my team was that bad when I was drafting, but most projections have me in bottom half. Eh, I still like it, minus Ibanez. I probably got penalized for the two rookie picks, desmond, zimmermann, and lidge.

  3. Mike 25 March 2011 at 12:21

    Chris, I guess you’re just not an “expert.” Hahaha…

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  5. Mike 15 April 2011 at 11:33

    My team stinks!

    • H2H Hombre 29 February 2012 at 11:08

      So just out of curiosity are we going to try and do a 2012 mock draft once the season gets closer? I’m going to be throwing my rankings out starting tomorrow. So if you all are down again just let me know and I will be there!

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  7. Pingback: 07.06.11 Box Score Breakdown: Fantasy MLB News and Notes « Fantasy Baseball and Football Advice for the Soul

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