Old Bay Shuffle: The Fallout

Brad Mangin - MLB Photos via Getty Images

3 teams. 3 years.  At some point, someone’s gonna be left holding the bag that once contained Vlad the Impaler.


Assuming Vladimir Guerrero stays healthy for majority of the season, he has the ability to produce. He turns 36 in a few days, so at some point he’ll start to run on E. Baltimore took a shot, outbid themselves by about 3-mil, and now has a very underrated lineup that is pretty legit. Hope for the best!

Luke Scott will now move to LF and his value remains the same, although many believe it’s easier to “see the ball” when you actually play and don’t sit on your arse for most of the night; the ole Frank Thomas syndrome.

Felix Pie is now on the bench. In deep-deep leagues he’ll have value as soon as one of Vlad’s knees falls off.

In a signing with much less fanfare, and obviously not important for us to blog about sooner, Justin Duchscherer will be slotted in most probably as the O’s #4.  I’ll be the first to admit, me likes me some DUKE-shur and for the price? Tasty. You’ll remember Justin most for breaking 3 of his 11 hips doing the “Moneyball Dance.” Anyway, I am buying for the back-end of my rotation – solid peripherals.

Chris Tillman and Jake Arrieta will battle it out in Spring Training to determine the O’s #5 starter, otherwise known as the “O’s Starter Most Likely to be Beat like a Red-Headed Step-Child by the Yankees and Sawx.”

2 responses to “Old Bay Shuffle: The Fallout

  1. Chris I. 5 February 2011 at 16:29

    People should keep an eye on Zach Britton as well for that #5 spot. He’s a lefty who did well in high A ball last year. Might not crack the rotation out of the gate, but given Duch’s fragility and Arrieta’s general mediocrity thus far, he could make an impact sooner rather than later. So he might end up being the ny-boston whipping boy.

  2. Mike 5 February 2011 at 19:29

    I think you’re right, Chris. I wouldn’t bet on the O’s letting Britton’s Arb Clock start too soon, but if Arrieta and Tillman prove ineffective, they may have no choice. Between those 3 and Matusz, the O’s should enjoy a solid rotation sooner than later.

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