Remember When…….

Remember When is a series of articles on nostalgia really. Something to whisk you to way back when you had that favorite player who was destined to be the greatest of all time, but something strange happened along the trip to Cooperstown.

This week, remember when….Alfonso Soriano was the most coveted second baseman in fantasy baseball? Not a slightly better than average outfielder saddling the Cubs with a $20 million dollar a year contract?? Just imagine if you will, a second baseman hitting .280 with 35+ HR’s, over 100 RBI and stealing as many as 43 bases in a single season! This is the kind of production fantasy managers generally only get in their dreams. But for 1 lucky manager in your league it was a reality from 2002-2005.

Year     Team  Runs     HR       RBI      SB         Avg

2002    NYY    128      39        102      41         .300

2003    NYY    114      38        91        35         .290

2004    TEX     77        28        91        18         .280

2005    TEX     102      36        104      30        .268

Then, Alfonso went to Washington, where all good things go to die. Suddenly defense became an issue and the outfield became the cure. That first season still seemed great, how can you complain about 46 home runs? But the eligibility definitely caused his value to take a hit. Then Soriano signed that fateful deal with the most cursed team in baseball, the Chicago Cubs. Now they’re paying all that money for this type of production:

Year    Team  Runs     HR       RBI      SB       Avg

2010    CHC    67        24        79        5          .258

I don’t know who I feel worse for, the Cubs, Soriano or those poor fantasy owners who thought they were in for a 10 year run of greatness…..

4 responses to “Remember When…….

  1. Mike 7 February 2011 at 14:19

    HAHA! I remember taking him #3 in our first ever keeper draft about 8 years ago! And to think I was jealous of the guy who got Prior and Beltran at the turn!

    • Chris I 9 February 2011 at 15:46

      Many yankee fans were sad to see him go after 03, but I wasnt that upset – Mr. Perfect in return helped. But after seeing him flail at breaking pitch after breaking pitch in the 03 playoffs, I had a feeling he wouldnt be as great as once thought. And he was a liability at 2B. Negative UZR’s all around.

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