2011 American League Central Previews: Indians

Today’s Focus: Cleveland Indians

When I look at this team, I feel sad and I’m not even a Cleveland Indians fan.

It looks like Carlos Santana will be staring opening day and Shin-Soo Choo is returning healthy. Lonnie Chisenhall, Alex White and Jason Kipnis are their 3 best prospects and Kipnis may see time at 2B this year. Manager Manny Acta has mentioned Jared Goedert will get a good look at 3rd base this spring. In 481 ABs between AA and AAA, Goedert hit .283 with 27 home runs and 83 RBI.

Orlando Cabrera looks to be the biggest pick up of the offseason. I know this may seem hilarious but Orlando Cabrera will have much to offer a young team. He will be a great mentor for players like Jason Kipnis, Jayson Nix, Jason Donald, Lonnie Chisenhall and Lois Valbuena. Even though Orlando Cabrera can’t do much with his bat anymore, he is a winner. The teams OC have been on since 2004, have made the playoffs 6 times.

The lineup does not look good. Grady Sizemore is not much of a leadoff hitter and who knows what kind of season he will have after his season-ending left knee surgery in 2010. They may even try Asdrubal Cabrera or Michael Brantley at leadoff at some point. Shin-Soo Choo, Carlos Santana and Travis Hafner are near locks for the middle of the order. Other than that, we will probably see several different lineups from the Indians in 2011.

The starting pitching needed to improve this offseason and it hasn’t. Right now it looks like; 1) Fausto Carmona, 2) Justin Masterson, 3) Carlos Carrasco, who the hell knows after that.

Notable Pick Ups: Orlando Cabrera, Austin Kearns

Notable Losses: Nothing notable unless you are a huge Andy Marte fan

They Indians could have really used a solid starting pitcher and 3B but they didn’t get either. Don’t put any money on the Indians to compete in 2011. They will finish last in the A.L. Central.

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