2011 Fantasy Baseball: 2010s All “Extrapolation Team”

Everyone loves doing this with rookies who made a splash in a half or even a quarter of a season, so why not try it with pinch hitters and back-ups? Ok, fine. I will.

The ground rules are that the player had to acquire stats in more than one game, but not more than 50 in 2010 – or maybe I’ll cherry-pick as I please. I simply entered the 5 categories in Baseball Monster’s Hitter Ranking system to find out who had the most value on a “per game basis.” From there, I grabbed the first pinch-hitter or back-up I could find to enter him on the ALL EXTRAPOLATION TEAM!

If only these guys could get 450 ABs a year, what a team you would have…sort of.

CATCHER: Luke Carlin (CLE) – .357/129/64/96/0 Who cares if he doesn’t get you 450 AB because he catches, 225 AB and you have a top 3 Catcher!

FIRST BASE: Dan Johnson (TB) – .198/61/28/93/4 Ok, so you can’t start him on your team if you already have Mark Reynolds and Adam Dunn, but those taters are nice. DJ batted .235 vs. Lefties, so plan accordingly.

SECOND BASE: Luke Hughes (MIN) – .286/64/64/64/0 So his R and RBI production is a bit low, but suck it up. He’s giving you 64 HR!!!

THIRD BASE: Josh Fields (KC) – .306/46/28/55/0 Again, the R and RBI won’t compete with the top 30 3B, but you’re getting 28 ding-dongs.

SHORTSTOP: Jed Lowrie (BOS) – .287/82/24/63/3 Not bad when there are only two SS you’d own…

OUTFIELD: Jarrod Dyson (KC) – .211/87/8/40/71 Another average killer, but bank on him stealing his way home when he does get on base. Or, you could only play him vs. the Tigers since he batted .375 against them last year!

OUTFIELD: Casper Wells (DET) – .323/68/19/82/0 Great average, but you’d want SB if you’re getting minimal power.

And our MVP….

OUTFIELD: John Mayberry (PHI) – .333/150/75/225/0 Those numbers are unreal! Still hard to believe they don’t touch Bonds’ best year…


Ok, that’s it for 2011, but join me next season for another boring installment of the


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