2011 MLB Spring Training Review: Week of February 27th


There is still talk of Francisco Liriano being dealt to the Yankees within the next two weeks. Still not sure how this makes sense for Minnesota, but they’re not exactly doing anything to dispel the reports…Fausto Carmona has rightfully been named the Indians’ 2011 Opening Day starter, this after winning 13 games last year with a 3.77 ERA…Destined for the bullpen, Aroldis Chapman continues to electrify starting off the spring with 4K in 2 IP. And he’s also walked three…Just when it appeared time to worry about Domonic Brown‘s spring struggles, we now get to worry an additional 4-6 weeks as he fractured his hamate bone. Remember Ryan Zimmerman fractured the same one and it sapped his power for some time. Ben Francisco now has a great opportunity to do something with this opportunity…

Javier Vasquez is topping out at 90 mph, which is not a good sign. Sitting in the upper 80s is no different from what he did last season with the Yanks when he was dreadful. Draft with supreme caution my friends…Matt Kemp is batting in the cleanup spot in early action. A move sure to increase his RBI projections for him…Nate McLouth is batting .462 in early action. Better yet, he has 5BB and 0K; one of the few ratios I track during spring…Mat Latos walked four in his debut, which some will say there is reason to worry after his innings jumped 50% from 2009 to 2010…Pablo Sandoval is starting off nicely as he already has 2 HR…Aramis Ramirez is batting .417 in early action, building on his great 2nd half. Sleeper alert!…Speaking of Sleepers, Gio Gonzalez struck out 5 in his first 2 innings…Joe Nathan (Tommy John surgery) reportedly hit 95 in his first action. If that’s true, he may be closer to 100% than people think as he averaged around 94mph on his fastball before surgery...Nick Markakis has 2 HR already, which seems like more than he had in all of 2010. Was the hitting coach the problem?…Jonny Gomes has been named starter by Dusty Baker and could prove to be a nice grab in leagues…Grady Sizemore probably won’t be ready for Opening Day. Surprise, surprise…Kendry Morales might not be ready either, although Scioscia denies the reports. Proceed with caution…Looks like Jeremy Bonderman will sit out this season. Good news as I won’t be tempted to draft him for his “potential”…Hopefully the Mets send Oliver Perez packing sooner than later. He’s given up 4 runs in 4 innings already to go along with 3 walks. Bye-bye…Chris Davis has a HR and is batting .333. Quick, check Bill James’ projections. He might have him pegged for 50 HR this year…Ian Kinsler is scorching, hitting 4HR in his first four games. All I can say is, “figures.” For all of you waiting for 162 games and first round numbers, you’re welcome. He just needed me to trade him. Thanks, Ian…Ivan Nova has looked sharp in his first 5 innings, giving up zero runs. For those of you in leagues that count groundballs: ALL ABOARD!…We may not see Adrian Beltre (calf) for two more weeks. Please raise your hand if this surprises you. Your hand’s up? Stop playing fantasy baseball now…Shane Victorino was told to stop being Dave Kingman and be The Flying Hawaiian. Look for Shane to have a typical-Shane season. I’m buying…Casey McGehee is batting .455 with 3 HR so far. Yeah, I think he wants an extension…Josh Johnson was tagged for 5 runs in 1-2/3 innings. C’mon, Josh. Please show us you are healthy…Jose Tabata has 3 steals so far. #19 OF this year. I said it…Exit Francisco Cervelli. Enter Jesus Montero? Maybe, but I still see Jorge Posada catching. I do not trust Montero at all. Neither does Brian Cashman apparently and no team wants him. Buyer beware…Jake Peavy: 2K/2IP/0 hits. Call me Mulder, but I too want to believe!

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