Killin’ the Odds & NL Futures


Welcome to Killin’ the Odds & NL Futures! It’s real simple, I analyze odds to win the 2011 World Series and tell you who to take. Now on with it!

Who I Love:

Cincinnati Reds 25/1: Not too sure why a division winner who kept their entire core intact would be 25/1. Take it now before too many other people do and end up ruining this tasty price.

Los Angeles Dodgers 35/1: I predicted the Dodgers to finish behind the Giants in the NL West but not by much. Even if they don’t win the division, they may have a good shot at the Wild Card. I’ll take 35/1 for a playoff team all day.

San Francisco Giants 14/1: Why not? World Series winners, defense, pitching, Buster Posey.

Atlanta Braves 22/1: Nice mix of young talent and solid vets that are winners. Would someone please bat Jason Heyward 3rd?

Milwaukee Brewers 16/1: They did address their biggest need, starting pitching. Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun had “down years” with combined 57 HR and .380 wOBA.

Maybe if you’re a Fan:

Philadelphia Phillies 13/4: Hands down best starting pitching in the league but a steep price. The price will get better if Utley needs surgery, so wait because the odds can’t get any worse.

St. Louis Cardinals 20/1: I think 35/1 sounds better with Wainwright out for the year but, they have a pretty good offense that could get hot at the right time.

Colorado Rockies 25/1: I don’t trust their pitching and they can’t win on the road but their core is in-tact and they can hit.

Florida Marlins 40/1: Interesting play with a ton of talent but it won’t be easy for this young team in the NL East.

San Diego Padres 55/1: Remember, last year we thought they couldn’t win. They lost more than they gained this offseason but 55/1 isn’t bad for a 90 win team last year.

No Shot:

Chicago Cubs 35/1: HAHA yea right! They haven’t won since 1908, what makes you think Matt Garza is going to do it for them?

New York Mets 40/1: I don’t care if you hold a gun to my head; I’m not taking the Mets to win the World Series!

Arizona Diamondbacks 100/1: They have a talented young nucleus but the back-end of rotation and  bottom third of the lineup look horrendous. NL West is too talented. Maybe 200/1?

Washington Nationals 80/1: Their pitching is just too bad. They are the worst team in the NL East.

Pittsburg Pirates 200/1: Not even if it was 500/1.

Houston Astros 80/1: I wouldn’t take them for 80/1 if I had a tattoo of Jeff Bagwell on my ass. I would rather take the Pirates at 200/1.

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