2011 MLB Spring Training Review: Week of March 13th


Well, you’d think by this point we’d have word on whether or not Neftali Feliz would be closing or starting. Honestly, do the Rangers know fantasy drafts are beginning to kick off? My gut still tells me he’ll be closing, but the last time I listened to my gut I had another beer and the next morning wasn’t pretty…

Stephen Strasburg is playing long toss. My take is he’ll be ready by the end of 2011 and pitch an inning here or there. In redraft leagues, move along…My deep sleeper Josh Outman has been sent to the minors. I had high hopes for him (see my Athletics team preview), but he’s looked like garbage. Guess it was to be expected, but add him to your watch list…Michael Pineda has all but locked up the #5 spot for the Mariners. I am giddy about this, but have to keep expectations in check. Then again, you’ll appreciate my Pineda prediction coming tomorrowJohan Santana will not pitch in 2011. Johan Santana will pitch in 2011. Oh, it’s just the mess that is the Mets media department. Who knows what to expect, but Johan is being taken off of my cheat sheet…The Phillies and Chase Utley are playing secrets, secrets with his knee. Don’t they know secrets hurt someone? In redraft leagues, I would not even bother. Too much riding on an early pick and who knows if this guy will play…The Nats teased us and then sent Bryce Harper down to the minors. B@stards! Who knows what happens, but if he comes up at some point you HAVE to take a chance. Generational talent y’all!…Was hoping Mike Stanton would get plenty of work in this spring to gauge how early I want to reach, but him not playing is making me uneasy. Like drinking all day at a Jimmy Buffet concert, getting stuck in traffic for two hours and having to go to the bathroom ten minutes into the ride home uneasy…Zack Greinke may miss two or three additional starts and come back at the end of April. Who cares if you’re in a H2H. You just need him for the playoffs. I have barely touched Greinke in my rankings…Luis Castillo was released by the Mets. Thank you. As a Mets fan it’s good to see them do something right…Starlin Castro has four ding dongs this spring. Look out, he’s primed for 40 this year…Shaun Marcum better get over this “tightness.” He is no longer a sleeper as every site in the country is calling him just that, but this could be what his ADP needed to scare some owners away…It appears Jacoby Ellsbury will in fact lead off for the Sawx. Up his Runs and ranking…Brian Wilson strained his oblique and “could” start the season on the DL. I still have him as a top closer…Julio Borbon has been atrocious in the outfield and “could” be in jeopardy of not even making the Rangers’ roster! Yes, time to slide David Murphy up your rankings…Johnny Cueto reinjured himself and now appears likely to begin the season on the DL. Looks like Mike Leake and Travis Wood will be in the rotation (for now)…Matt Thornton was named the Closer. No surprise here. Love him for 2011.


Pedro Alvarez (BB:16K): If you were hoping for a batting average over .250, it’s not happening. A spring with some plate discipline would’ve changed my opinion on him, but as of now I’ll shy away from taking Pedro where you need to in order to get him...Drew Stubbs (2:16): You know what you’re getting. All or nothing...Justin Upton (2:11): Still K-ing a ton and he’s been picked off 5 times in 6 attempts!…Adam Lind: Only 3 K in 36 PAs. Bounceback, baby!

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