Killin’ the Odds & A.L. Futures

Welcome to Killin’ the Odds & AL Futures! It’s real simple, I analyze odds to win the 2011 World Series and tell you who to take. Now on with it!

Who I Love

Chicago White Sox 20/1: The White Sox are “All In”. Their lineup is stacked and I love Adam Dunn in U.S. Cellular.

Texas Rangers 20/1: Cliff who? Lee put up 4 wins and 6 losses with a 3.98 ERA while playing for Texas.

New York Yankees 7/1: I would rather take the Yankees than the Phillies at 13/4 and the Red Sox at 9/2.

Minnesota Twins 20/1: They look good at 20/1 with Justin Morneau and Joe Nathan back.

Maybe if your a fan

Boston Red Sox 9/2: The team is great but not the price tag.

Los Angeles Angels 25/1: Vernon Wells was not the bat they needed but, Kendrys Morales is back and they have a good staff.

Tampa Bay Rays 25/1: With the addition of Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon, the Rays should win the 2004 World Series.

Detroit Tigers 25/1: The addition of Victor Martinez helps but I don’t like them at 25/1.

Baltimore Orioles  75/1: I like all the pieces they added but it will be difficult to pass the Yankees and Red Sox.

No Shot

Oakland Athletics 30/1: Their offense is just too bad to be a 30/1 team.

Toronto Blue Jays 50/1: The Jays will finish last in the AL East and should not be priced above the Orioles.

Kansas City Royals 150/1: Great farm system but they are looking towards the future and not the present.

Cleveland Indians 125/1: Dreadful team but the Mariners are not much better and the Indians are giving you better odds.

Seattle Mariners 100/1: This team gets worse every year.

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