2011 Fantasy Baseball Projections: Assembling a Team After Pick 250

ADP data can be one of the most useful items of information you can have with you at your draft. Not only will you afford yourself the knowledge of knowing who you can  and can’t grab later, but you’ll also find hidden gems that the rest of the fantasy baseball community are letting slip too far. It is these gems we will focus on in this article as I lay out my All Forgotten Team

C: Russell Martin (257) – Starting catcher for the Yankees currently going off the board as the No. 19 catcher? I think there is some upside here, just ask Brian. I have Martin as my No. 13 catcher and while I don’t think he’ll put up top numbers, I think he’ll do just fine at pick 257. Riddle me why Jesus Montero is going off the board before him. 2011 Projection: .260/50/7/45/10Honorable Mention: Chris Iannetta (266); J.P. Arencibia (302); Jarod Saltalamacchia (353)

1B: Lance Berkman (263) – Sure, he doesn’t deserve the title “Big Puma” anymore but a 27th round pick? A starting outfielder batting near Pujols and Holliday will surely be useful, even in shallow leagues. Berkman could surprise and what’s the risk taking him with your last pick since most last picks are dropped throughout the season? 2011 Projection: .270/65/15/75/0Honorable Mention: Freddie Freeman (283); Mitch Moreland (335); Matt LaPorta (339); Kila Ka’aihue (349); Justin Smoak (362); Brett Wallace (372)

2B: Neil Walker (277) – Uhm, this guy had a pretty decent season last year and now he’s the No. 21 second baseman off the board? I think there is plenty of upside here to put up numbers comparable to a guy you’d have to take in the first third of the draft. Sure, he’s on the Pirates but they will score plenty of runs this year. 2011 Projection: .280/75/15/75/5Honorable Mention: Tsuyoshi Nishioka (298); Dustin Ackley (320); Danny Espinosa (336)

3B: Chase Headley (269) – Not a powerful guy, I think Chase will be serviceable this season. The Friars’ lineup is beyond dreadful, but the former 2nd round pick could surprise in the power department this year and his steals are an added bonus. 2011 Projection: 270/75/15/60/15Honorable Mention: Chris Johnson (296); Edwin Encarnacion (308); David Freese (348)

SS1:Yunel Escobar (318) – Rough year last year, but he did hit much better after heading to the Jays. He has pretty decent plate discipline, so he should always be able to get on base and produce runs and the Jays lineup will allow him to do so. 2011 Projection: .280/70/10/60/5

SS2:Jhonny Peralta (253) – Ok, not a sexy pick but in that Tiger lineup he should have more than enough chances to produce runs. 2008 was not that long ago when he went .276/104/23/89/3 and he will be just 28 to start the 2011 season. There is 20+ HR power potential in that bat. 2011 Projection: .255/65/15/85/0

OF: Ryan Raburn (260) – What else must I say about this guy for crying out loud? 2011 Projection: Just read!…Honorable Mention: Coco Crisp (265); Austin Jackson (272); Nate McLouth (338); David Murphy (354)

SP: Mike Minor (254) – I am predicting Minor to be the NL’s ROY this year, so I am very pleased to see him this far down in drafts. His 12K effort in Wrigley last year was a flash of what he could do and a decent K guy with stellar minor league numbers (10.94K/9 & 6.9H/9) spells upside- actually, no it doesn’t. Just grab the guy. Trust me. 2011 Projection: 12-8/3.75/1.25/160Honorable Mention: Edinson Volquez (256); Jake Peavy (294); Bud Norris (311); Erik Bedard (340); Michael Pineda (347)

RP: Leo Nunez (316) – The closer in Florida is getting NO LOVE. He’s averaged 28 saves the past two seasons and last year he dropped his ERA by half a run. The 8 blown saves aren’t pretty, but hey, it’s the 32nd round! 2011 Projection: 3.50/1.25/70/30Honorable Mention: Jonny Venters (312); Jon Rauch (388)

2 responses to “2011 Fantasy Baseball Projections: Assembling a Team After Pick 250

  1. Mike 28 March 2011 at 07:23

    Minor was sent to AAA after this article was written, so feel free to replace with Beachy…

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