2011 Bounce Back Player of the Week: Chris Young, New York Mets

Chris Young has always been a tantalizing player with the capability to be a top tier pitcher, but never able to prove his prowess over the long run. A plethora of injuries have allowed him to pitch no more than 180 innings in a single season during his major league career and over the last three seasons he has maxed out at 102 innings in 2008.

Young’s two best statistical seasons came in 2006 and 2007, his lone all star season, with the Padres:

Year Games W L ERA SO WHIP
2006 31 11 5 3.46 164 1.132
2007 30 9 8 3.12 167 1.098

Sometimes, with pitchers they have that little something special where you can just tell that they work on a different level than most other people. Chris Young definitely had that extra something and that was why the Padres went so many years just hoping to be able to capture it for an entire season. Unfortunately, Young’s appearances became less and less in future seasons, culminating with only four games and 20 innings in 2010. Even in that brief glimpse, he left you wanting more with a .90 ERA and 2-0 record.

The Mets are a team without a lot of expectations heading into the season and they had a couple low risk signings over the off season with Young being perhaps the most notable. The upside here with a healthy season is high, especially considering Young’s penchant as a fly ball pitcher in the spacious confines of Citi Field.

This spring, Young has looked solid with a 1.33 ERA through 20.1 innings. And better yet, he’s stayed healthy and reportedly felt strong topping out at 100 pitches in a minor league outing. While expecting 200 innings may be a stretch, having a solid performer who contributes 120-140 innings could be within reason for what should be a late round low risk pick.

2011 Fantasy Forecast: 9-5, 3.25 ERA, 100 K, 1.15 WHIP

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