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Eric’s 2011 MLB Predictions

Like most of my fellow 4th and Home colleagues, I’m picking Boston to win the AL this year.  Utley’s injury makes the NL race a little more wide open and I’m going with the Brewers.   I’m also predicting that a MLB star will wind up on reality TV.

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2011 Fantasy Baseball “September Stars” Series: Madison Bumgarner

This week we take a look at our second “September Star” pitcher: Madison Bumgarner.

Bumgarner made only one start in 2009, but wound up getting 18 in 2010. His season was a little up and down by month, but he was stellar in July and September.

Let’s focus on his September stat line to try and discover if he can continue his effectiveness into 2011…

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2011 Inaugural Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft

To celebrate Benito Juarez’ birthday on March 21st, the Gents assembled a group of “modest experts” to partake in the 2011 4th and Home Mock Draft. Although it was not reported on ESPN or any other large media outlet, we were pretty thrilled to have some “baseball friends” join us for the festivities. Our star-studded lineup was headed by Mr. Ryan Hallam of Fantasy Alarm. You might also know Ryan from his work in USA Today and Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball Magazine. We also had esteemed writers Jonathan C. Mitchell from MLB Dirt and Jason Toy from H2H Hombre.

To stay in “4th and Home fashion,” we limited picks to 45 seconds so the “expert” in all of us could shine through without too much help from cheat sheets and the like. The unfortunate fallout from this was sheer panic at times as well as unexpected “auto picks.” In the end, we were all somewhat satisfied with the teams assembled.

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Jesse’s 2011 MLB Predictions

I’m much less bullish in my predictions for the Phillies than I was a month ago when I wrote about them due to the injuries to Utley, Dom Brown, Polonco and Lidge.  I think many of these, especially Utley’s could linger throughout the season.  This could really open up the NL.  I’m also a very superstitious Phillies fan and I refuse to jinx them by assuming they will waltz to a World Series.  It also seems to me that whenever teams are can’t miss – they do.

In the AL – I love the Red Sox to mow down everyone on their way to a World Series title.

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Killin’ the Odds & A.L. Futures

Welcome to Killin’ the Odds & AL Futures! It’s real simple, I analyze odds to win the 2011 World Series and tell you who to take. Now on with it!

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Killboy’s 2011 MLB Predictions

No real surprises here. I like the Rays to fall off and the White Sox to win the Central. The Brewers will knock off the Reds but the Reds will still beat out the Dodgers and Braves for the Wild Card. I think the loss of Bobby Cox will hurt the Braves. Read more of this post

The 4th and Home Show Tonight!

Don’t forget to listen to Brian, Mike and Killboy break down the NL West and our Composite Pitcher Rankings tonight at 8:30PM EST. You can either click on the sidebar image to the left, up top on the Show page or for crying out loud, if you’re that lazy just click (here).

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2011 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers: Gordon Beckham


Gordon Beckham’s 2010 season was riddled with inconsistencies and injuries. 

In the first half of 2010, Beckham hit only .216 with three home runs. He was flirting with Mr. Mendoza the whole month of June, hitting .199 as late as June 23.

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Brian’s 2011 MLB Predictions

I may not be our resident betting expert, but I’ve got a good feeling about these picks.

AL East Champ: Yankees

AL Central Champ: Tigers

AL West Champ: Rangers

AL Wild Card: Red Sox

NL East Champ: Braves

NL Central Champ: Reds

NL West Champ: Rockies

NL Wild Card: Phillies

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Remember When: Cecil Fielder, Former Detroit Tigers Home Run King

Nowadays, when you ask someone young if they remember Cecil Fielder, the response is usually something along the lines of “Do you mean Prince?” For those of us old enough to remember Prince’s father, there is a tale of triumph and tragedy. Read more of this post