Killin’ the Odds & Player Props

I picked out some prop bets from Bodog and posted my top 10. The players must start the season on the active roster. Hitters must play in 130 games for action, starting pitchers must start 25 games and relievers cannot spend any time on the DL. If any of these situations occur, the wager is a push.

Manny Ramirez (59.5 RBI) OVER -130: Manny is slated to be the Rays’ clean-up hitter. Don’t worry about the games played. You still win if he reaches 60 RBI in less than 130 games and it’s a push if he doesn’t.

Rickie Weeks (27 Home Runs) UNDER -115: Click here.

Carlos Santana (.262 Batting Average) OVER -115: He hit .260 last year with only a .277 BABIP. He also has a great eye with a 19.3 percent walk rate.

Carl Crawford (47.5 Stolen Bases) UNDER -115: Does anyone really think the Red Sox will need him to steal 48 bases?

Felix Hernandez (2.45 ERA) OVER -115: I would never project anyone to have an ERA under 2.45.

Freddie Freeman (19.5 Home runs) UNDER -115: He has never hit 20 in the minors so what makes you think he will hit 20 in his first year in the big leagues?

Ryan Braun (27.5 Home Runs) OVER -115: Braun only hit 25 home runs last year but he averaged 34 home runs in the three years prior.

Joe Mauer (.332 Batting Average) UNDER -115: Mauer has hit over .332 only twice in seven years. He is a great hitter but projecting anyone to hit over .332 is just crazy talk.

John Axford (28.5 Total Saves) OVER -115: Axford is legit and the Brewers will win lots of games.

Ichiro Suzuki (214.5 Total Hits) UNDER -115: Ichiro isn’t going to do it forever. This may be the year.

Disagree? Light me up in the comments!

3 responses to “Killin’ the Odds & Player Props

  1. Mike 2 April 2011 at 09:21

    Thanks, KB. I actually like these. The only one I might shy away from is the Crawford bet, although you make a great point and honestly, I am not certain a #3 hitter WILL need to steal that many bases.

  2. Killboy 2 April 2011 at 18:59

    There is no doubt that he has the ability but I can’t imagine Crawford attempting that many with three long-ball threats hitting behind him.

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