04.07.11 Box Score Breakdown: Fantasy MLB News and Notes

Overhyped Mets “prospect” Lastings Milledge was designated for assignment by the ChiSox. It’s over.

Jon Lester and Fausto Carmona went head-to-head Thursday and although it might’ve seem lopsided on paper, they don’t play the game on paper! Each pitcher shut the other team down as Lester threw 7 shutout innings allowing just 3 hits and 2 walks while striking out 9 and My-my-my My Carmona threw 7 shutout innings allowing just 2 hits and 2 walks while striking out 4. Wait a tick. I just typed Carmona and 2 walks in the same sentence and I wasn’t talking about a single inning, but seven innings? Wow. As has always been the case with him, if he keeps the walks down his groundballin’ ways will keep the Indians in the game. The outing lowered Carmona’s ERA to (gulp) 9.00.

After going 0/8 in his first two games, Troy Tulowitzki has now gone 5/10 in his last three with a HR in each. Look out. Another home run binge!

Esmil Rogers shut the Pirates down, allowing just 5 baserunners and a run over 7.1 innings. He struck out 7 in the affair and looks to build on his success against the Mess next week. Rogers has K-potential, but has always had trouble keeping guys off base. Monitor.

Damnit why did I ignore Trevor Cahill round after round as he was just sitting there like the beat girl at a 5th grade dance? Cahill turned in another solid outing, shutting the Jays down over 8 innings, allowing just 3 baserunners and a run while punching out 7. Where these Ks coming from? He now has 15 in 12.2 innings. Zoinks!

A.J. Burnett moved to (2-0) after beating the Twins. Burnett wasn’t too mpressive, but got the job done allowing 8 baserunners and 2 runs in 6 innings while striking out 5. Of note is his 1.18 WHIP. If he can keep it south of 1.25 he should be quite valuable pitching for the Yanks.

Francisco Liriano was gross again. Putting way too many guys on base. WHIP now stands at 1.71.

Ryan Braun hit his 3rd HR. Now batting .391. Big year coming up for Ryan.

Roy Halladay was himself. He shut the Mess down over 7 innings allowing just 6 hits and a walk. He struck out 7. 0.69 ERA/0.92 WHIP. Shazam!

Placido Polanco was 2/5 with 4 RBI and is proving to be an asset in the 2-hole for the Phillies. He will score plenty of runs while he’s there. Cheap source of stats.

Chase Utley’s replacement and ex-Met, Wilson Valdez, went 4/4 with 3 runs and 3 RBI. Relax.

Edwin Jackson was again brilliant against the Rays. No, he didn’t no-hit them but he struck out 13 over 8 innings allowing just 4 hits, 1 run and a walk. Lifetime against the Rays, EJax is now 3-0/1.44/0.88/18. HA!

Josh Johnson seems to be alright. He shut the Nats down over 6 innings, allowing just 4 baserunners, 1 run and struck out 6.

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