04.14.11 Box Score Breakdown: Fantasy MLB News and Notes

You can all thank Jesse for Joe Mauer hitting the DL. I think we start seeing Mauer spend a little bit more time at DH than in seasons passed. Just a guess.

Let’s get into it…

Troy Tulowitzki – 5/8, 2 R, 2 HR, 2 RBI, 2 BB…Question: Why pitch to Troy Tulowitzki at this point? Since last September he has been Ruthian! My goodness. He now has 7 HR and 14 RBI. He was a STEAL at #5 in our Mock Draft.

Carlos Gonzalez – 2/9, 2 R, HR, 2 RBI, 2 BB, SB…CarGo finally hit his first. Were you worried? If so, he won’t hit another one so trade him to me.

Jose Reyes – 3/9, R, HR, 3 RBI, BB, SB…Haven’t talked much about Joe King this season. Today’s home run was his first, but he did steal his 4th base.

Carl Pavano – 8 IP, 4 H, 7:2…Nice start, but Joe Nathan blew it in the 9th. Too undervalued this year. Gets BAL in his next start.

James Shields – 7 IP, 9 H, 2 ER, 4:2…Quality start for Big Game James. Must we still call him that?

Sam Fuld – 2/5, R, SB…Stole his 7th base. His ownership must be creeping up there by now. He was grabbed in my league and I’m in a two-teamer.

Nick Markakis – 3/5, 2 R, HR, 3 RBI…Markakis is chugging along. His average sits at .268 and I am expecting more power this year.

Brett Gardner – 0/5, 3 K…Ouch. The guy is pressing at leadoff. Get him out. Now batting .150. Chris wants Swisher leading off. Probably the Yanks best bet and most worthy.

Phil Hughes – 4.1 IP, 7 H, 5 ER, 2:0…Oh man. If you dropped him, many would call it pre-mature. I would be ok with it.

Jorge Posada – 1/4, R, HR, RBI…Now has 5 dingers as the DH. I nearly grabbed him as my catcher this year with the thought that I could leave him in my catcher slot and not have to worry about swapping out catchers during off days. Good job if you drafted him with that thinking.

Randy Wolf – 6.2 IP, 3 H, 10:2…Where did this start come from? Pirates had no chance.

Paul Maholm – 7 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 6:3…You’re probably in a very deep league if you own him, but check his stats: 2.33 ERA/1.14 WHIP.

Cliff Lee – SHO, 3 H, 12:1…This is why you took him early. Guy can just be dominating in any start. He had everything working. Was against the Nats, but he’s done this against the best bats. Guy is top-notch.

Jordan Zimmerman – 7 IP, 5 H, ER, 4:0…Gave up 4 runs, but even his lone earned run was too much against Cliff.

Brian McCann – 2/4, R, HR, 3 RBI…McCann now has 2 HR and 9 RBI while hitting .340. Guess he’s seeing the ball just fine right now.

Bud Norris – 6 IP, 2 H, 7:3…Always a candidate to walk the lineup a few times, Norris had great control only walking 3 Padres. Like Morrow, if he gets control he’s gonna be studly.

Dustin Moseley – 6.2 IP, 7 H, ER, 1:2…Ok, nice start but he might be the only Friar pitcher I wouldn’t grab in a spot start.

Bruce Chen – CG, 6 H, 1:1…So it was a rain-shortened CG. I’ll take it. What I won’t take is any of you owning this guy.

Alex Gordon – 1/3, R, 2 RBI…Now batting .345 and hit his 7th double. Yes, he is the league leader in doubles. Damn you, Killboy!

Phil Coke – 7 IP, 3 H, 2:2…Best start yet as a starter. Pretty efficient too. We hadn’t talked much about the reliever turned starter, but I suppose he could be a CJ Wilson-type. He’s now sporting a 2.25 ERA and 0.94 WHIP.

Gio Gonzalez – 6 IP, 2 H, 6:6…In typical Gio fashion, averaged a K/inning as well as a BB/inning (with 2 wild pitches). His ERA is now at 0.47 and his WHIP at 1.26. Recognize!

Jamey Carroll – 3/5, 2 R, RBI, SB…I suppose you could do worse, but in a 20-teamer I think he’s serviceable in your MI slot.

Matt Holliday – 3/5, 2 R, 3 RBI…Hey, it’s 2011. Thanks for joining us, Matty. Guess he just needed an Ian Kennedy plunking to get him going. Now hitting .391.

Matt Kemp – 3/5, 2 R, HR, 2 RBI, BB, SB…Unreal. Now has 8 steals (1 caught) and 2 HR. Had you told me he’d have 8 steals after the first two weeks I would have said your Charlie Sheen impression was not funny. Nonetheless, Matt Kemp is WINNING!

One response to “04.14.11 Box Score Breakdown: Fantasy MLB News and Notes

  1. Chris I. 15 April 2011 at 21:09

    “Chris wants Swisher leading off. Probably the Yanks best bet and most worthy.”

    -At this point, with Swish OBP’ing .298, I’d vote for Eric Chavez (.444) or Andruw Jones (.400).

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