05.09.11 Fantasy Baseball Hot & Cold List

Have a player who’s playing out of his mind or drastically underachieving? Keep reading right here and get our advice on some of the hottest and coldest players in the majors.


Jose Reyes

Last 7 games: .419 Avg, 3 R, 0 HR, 5 RBI, 4 SB

Call: Buy

A new Jose sits atop the list this week! While the out of his mind batting average won’t continue, the steals will and he should generate some solid run production. If he stays healthy, he should have been a value pick in the draft.

BJ Upton

Last 7 games: .333 Avg, 4 R, 2 HR, 11 RBI, 1 SB

Call: Sell

The elder Upton has proven time and again that he will tease you, but not live up to the lofty expectations. If you’ve hung in there so far this year, he’s given you a prime opportunity to sell high.

Roy Halladay

Last 3 games: 3-0, 1.46 ERA, 0.81 WHIP, 32 K

Call: Buy

Halladay is the best in the game and he’s just continuing to prove it. If you are lucky enough to have him, enjoy or at least command a king’s ransom in return.


Corey Hart

Last 7 games: .125 Avg, 1 R, 0 HR, 0 RBI, 0 SB

Call: Buy

On the positive side, he has only played 9 games since coming back from injury, so he can’t have hurt your team that bad yet. He’s a career .274 hitter with proven power who will steal you a handful of bases. If you can buy low, now is the time.

Carl Pavano

Last 3 games: 1-2, 8.31 ERA, 1.79 WHIP, 3 K

Call: Buy

I want him on my squad just for those sick hacks he was taking with the lumber the other day. No, seriously, he’s gotten back to being a solid pitcher since he left New York. No where to go from here but up for Pavano.

John Lackey

Last 3 games: 1-2, 5.00 ERA, 1.72 WHIP, 10 K

Call: Sell

Last year was bad, but this year has been terrible. Unless you’re in a deep AL only league, leave him to be another owner’s problem unless you see a significant sign of improvement.

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