Fantasy MLB Spot Starting: 06.29.11

Welcome back to Spot Starting, sorry about the no post hiccup yesterday.  On to it..

For games on Thursday June 30th these selected pitchers might be had in your league (less than 50% owned in Yahoo! or ESPN) with percent owned Yahoo/ESPN, (team), and opponent:

Brian Matusz 37% / 28% (BAL) vs. StL

Matt Harrison 35% / 23% (TEX) @ HOU

Randy Wolf 34% / 34% (MIL) @ NYY

Jeff Karstens 23% / 17% (PIT) @ TOR

Mike Pelfrey 6% / 2% (NYM) @ DET

My Pick: Matt Harrison @ Astros

Alternate: none

Deep League Special: Jeff Karstens @ Jays

I knew Harrison would be my pick for today when I saw that Chris had already scooped him up yesterday.  Harrison has only given up 3 ER (1 each time) over his last 3 starts and he gets to face baseball’s worst on Thursday.  His season ERA is down to an even 3.00 but his 4.15 xFIP and 4.55 tERA suggest this recent run will soon end.  But doubtful it will against the ‘stros.

No one else is worth considering in my opinion.  Matusz has been getting lit up, Wolf has terrible career numbers against the Bombers, and Pelfrey just stinks.  If you’re desperate for a start maybe you could get by with Karstens, but I just keep waiting for the wheels to fall off for him because he is performing way over his head (4.90 tERA vs. 2.66 ERA!!).

Results from Tuesday 6/28/11:

Frdddy Garcia vs. Brewers: W, 6 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, 1 K, 0 BB… A rather pedestrian line from Garcia, but it gets the job done for a W.  Where are the K’s though?

Season Results (my pick only):

44 GS, 21-7, 280.1 IP, 245 H, 83 ER, 212 K, 70 BB, 2.66 ERA, 1.12 WHIP

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One response to “Fantasy MLB Spot Starting: 06.29.11

  1. Chris I. 29 June 2011 at 22:42

    ah! the kiss of death! well, hopefully that only happens when you pick up who you recommend.

    garcia is lucky he Ks anyone, with the smoke and mirrors that are his pitches. i’ll take that line every time though, especially against an offense like the Brewers’.

    and well done phils, thanks for continuing the sox’s recent slide.

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