Killin the Odds & Player Props (All-Star Review)

Let’s take a look at how I’m doing at the break! Click here to view my original post.

I picked out some prop bets from Bodog and posted my top 10. The players must start the season on the active roster. Hitters must play in 130 games for action, starting pitchers must start 25 games and relievers cannot spend any time on the DL. If any of these situations occur, the wager is a push.

Manny Ramirez (59.5 RBI) OVER -130: Manny will not reach 130 games, Push.

Rickie Weeks (27 Home Runs) UNDER -115: Rickie is on pace for 30 but I still like this bet.

Carlos Santana (.262 Batting Average) OVER -115: Yikes, currently at .230 and his July batting average of .267 isn’t easing my mind.

Carl Crawford (47.5 Stolen Bases) UNDER -115: With only eight stolen bases on the year, this would be a lock. The only kicker is, he needs to play 63 of the team’s last 72 games!

Felix Hernandez (2.45 ERA) OVER -115: Felix is currently sitting at 3.19 ERA, right where we want him.

Freddie Freeman (19.5 Home runs) UNDER -115: I was loving this bet until his recent surge (six home runs since June 24th). On pace for 23.

Ryan Braun (27.5 Home Runs) OVER -115: Right on pace for 28 and he missed time in July.

Joe Mauer (.332 Batting Average) UNDER -115: He’s at .243 but it’s a push because he has only played in 31 games.

John Axford (28.5 Total Saves) OVER -115: Axford only needs nine more, Lock it up!

Ichiro Suzuki (214.5 Total Hits) UNDER -115: Say goodbye to 11 straight 200+ hit seasons. He is on pace for 180 hits.

Brian “Killboy” Kilpatrick is on pace for 5-3, +135 in player props.

Disagree? Light me up in the comments!

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