07.27.11 Box Score Breakdown: Fantasy MLB News and Notes

Colby Rasmus to the Jays, E-Jax to the Cards, Carlos Beltran to the Giants (?) and Felix Hernandez stops the M’s bleeding. What a day!

4th and Home Player of the Day: Ervin Santana – A 10K no-no, although he did give up an unearned run. Simply dominating effort.

The Bats:
Mike Cameron
– 2/5, 2 R, 2 HR, 3 RBI…He’s been – terrible.

Ichiro – 4/5, 2 R, 2 SB…Guess he’s still alive, although he’s fodder IMO.

Dustin Ackley – 3/5, 2 R, 3 RBI…Ackley’s been holding his own and should be a decent option in 2012.

David Wright – 2/4, 2 R, HR, 4 RBI…Batting .429 since being activated.

Jacoby Elssbury – 3/4, 3 R, HR, 2 RBI, SB…BSFU! What else can you say about the kind of year this guy is having? .325/78/17/60/29 through 102 games.

Dustin Pedroia – 3/4, 2 R, HR, 2 RBI…Pedroia’s been out of his head too.

Eric Hosmer – 2/5, R, HR, 4 RBI…30 bombs next year? I think it’s possible.

Joe Mauer – 2/4, 3 R, HR, 2 RBI…First homer of the year? 28-9-1…his HR totals from the past three years.

Michael Cuddyer – 2/5, 2 R, HR, 2 RBI…Solid. Solid as a rock.

Justin Upton – 2/4, 2 R, 2 HR, 2 RBI…First rounder in 2012? Perhaps, but definitely by the 2nd.

Godzilla – 3/5, R, HR, 5 RBI…Batting .338 in July with an RBI per game!

Jemile Weeks – 3/5, 3 R, 3 RBI…He could approach 100 runs and 30 SB in 2012. Not bad for a 2B.

The Arms:
Javier Vasquez
– 7/6/1/4:3…Don’t you pull that trigger!

Matt Cain – 7/4/0/1:1…Uhm, one K? Bizarre, but good enough to beat the Phillies in what could be a NLCS preview.

Paul Maholm – 7/9/1/8:0…Visions of 2006…but better!

John Danks – 6/6/1/10:3…A HR to Austin Jackson to lead off the 7th was the only damage.

Mike Pelfrey – CG/7/2/3:0…We’ll take it! I just hope you only own him becuase you’re in an all-Mets league.

Ricky Romero – 8.1/4/0/9:3…126 pitches? Get ready for an implosion next week vs. the Rays.

Zack Greinke – 6.2/3/0/9:3…One step forward…

Ian Kennedy – 6/4/2/9:1…Ace!

Coming soon…the July Review of my September Stars Series…
If you have any roster or trade questions, feel free to drop me an email at 4thandHome@gmail.com. I should be able to get back to you within 18 hours.

One response to “07.27.11 Box Score Breakdown: Fantasy MLB News and Notes

  1. Jesse P. 28 July 2011 at 09:10

    When I say Ackley – you say Keeper.

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