Fantasy MLB Spot Starting 08.11.11

Welcome back to Spot Starting.  If you have to stay home to babysit your kids when they are sick, it’s not too bad to do it on a Thursday when you have a half dozen games to watch.  Watching my new favorite team, the Royals face yesterday’s Spot Start pick Jeff Niemann.  They now have 11 rookies on their roster including past Deep League Special Danny Duffy…keep the faith Royals fans the future is now.

For games on Friday August 12th  these selected pitchers might be had in your league (less than 50% owned in Yahoo! or ESPN) with percent owned Yahoo/ESPN, (team), and opponent:

Carlos Zambrano 43% / 19% (ChC) @ ATL

Bud Norris 41% / 34% (HOU) @ LAD

Dillon Gee 40% / 32% (NYM) @ ARI

Bronson Arroyo 28% / 32% (CIN) vs. SD

John Lackey 27% / 16% (BOS) @ SEA

Brandon McCarthy 22% / 14% (OAK) vs. TEX

Carl Pavano 20% / 6% (MIN) @ CLE

Paul Maholm 14% / 7% (PIT) @ MIL

Mike Minor 5% / 1% (ATL) vs. ChC

My Pick: Carl Pavano @ Indians

Alternate: John Lackey @ Mariners

Deep League Special: Mike Minor vs. Cubs

No slam dunk picks today, or really the past couple weeks as you have seen from the results. Pavano has a good track record against the division rival Indians including 2 quality starts this year.  He’s also coming off his best start in a month.

Minor struck out 12 Cubbies in his start against them last year.  Our old friend Bud Norris has found his way back under 50% ownership, but that’s happened because he hasn’t been good and the K’s have really declined.

Results from 08.09.11:

Derek Holland vs. Mariners – ND, 6 IP, 7 H, 2 ER, 7 K, 5 BB…That is a ton of base runners for only allowing 2 ER (3 R).  This guy is the picture of inconsistency.

Season Results (my pick only):

60 GS, 26-12, 368.1 IP, 347 H, 137 ER, 279 K, 104 BB, 3.35 ERA, 1.22 WHIP

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