Killin’ the Odds & the Regular Season

Welcome back to Killin’ the Odds & the Regular Season! In the “Today’s Games” section, you will see my picks to win for the day. I will post either the “Money Line” or the “Run Line”. The money line is always a “straight up” bet which means your team will never need to win or lose by a specific amount of runs. The money line odds represent what amount has to be wagered or what can be won. For example, if there is a minus sign (-) next to an amount, you have to wager that amount to win 100. If there is a plus sign (+) next to an amount, you will receive that amount for every 100 wagered. When you see a “Run Line”, that means a spread is involved. In Baseball, the spread is always 1.5 runs but you can find alternate run lines on some websites. When I post a run line of -1.5, that means our team must win by two runs. When you see a run line of +1.5, that means our team can lose by one run and still win the wager. Listen to our show from April 5th, 2011 for more explanation and tips.
Today’s Games 8/19/11
Toronto Blue Jays (-102) @ Oakland Athletics (-108) My Pick: Toronto Blue Jays Money Line
I’m not sure what’s going on with the lines in this series but I’m not complaining. Oakland is out-matched, plain and simple. Everyone is healthy and hitting for the Jays. In their past six games they are 5-1 and have averaged nearly eight runs. Cecil has looked good in his past eight starts going 3-2 with a 3.00 ERA. You can’t trust Oakland’s offense or Rich Harden.
Cleveland Indians (+130) @ Detroit Tigers (-140) My Pick: Cleveland Indians Money Line
Cleveland is getting a great line considering they have owned Detroit this year. In nine contests Cleveland is 6-3 against Detroit with two of those losses coming at the hands of Verlander. Max Scherzer takes the hill for Detroit and he has been pretty hit or miss all year. In his last two starts he has given up 8 ER in 12 IP. The Tigers have been struggling, losing six games in their last ten. In Tomlin’s last two starts he has only given up 3 ER in 13.1 IP. The Tigers have won four of their last five and seven of their last ten.
Results from 8/18/11
Kansas City Royals +1.5 (-105): WIN +95
The Royals continue to play the Red Sox tough.
Toronto Blue Jays (-116): WIN +86
Easy pickins. This line did not make sense in any way.
Daily Total: +181
Brian “Killboy” Kilpatrick is 15-7, +875 imaginary dollars since June 8th!
Disagree? Light me up in the comments.
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