08.21.11 Box Score Breakdown: Fantasy MLB News and Notes

The 4th and Home League Standing update as Jesse continues his surge!


Onto it!

4th and Home Player of the Day: Yadier Molina – 2/4, 2 R, 2 HR, 3 RBI…He start juicing?

The Bats:
Ryan Braun – 3/5, 2 R, RBI, 2 SB…30/30 well within reach now that he’s at 24/26. And a .330 average to boot? Tasty.

Delmon Young – 2/4, R, HR, 4 RBI…Delmon has been a different person since coming over to the Tigers. Who wouldathunk it?

Johnny Damon – 2/5, R, HR, 4 RBI, SB…Damon breakin’ out the BSFU! First 15/15 season since 2008 is attainable.

Casper Wells – 2/4, 2 R, HR, 2 RBI…Casper goes yard every other day it seems.

Curtis Granderson – 1/4, R, HR, RBI, SB…Grandy with the BSFU. Inside-the-park HRs count too!

Brandon Belt – 4/5, R, HR, 3 RBI…When Belt shows up to the party, he brings the grain alcohol!

Seth Smith – 1/2, R, HR, 2 RBI, SB…Our third BSFU of the day? I love Smith, but he’s too inconsistent for my team.

James Loney – 4/4, R, HR, 2 RBI…I can’t imagine him being on a roster next year in MLB.

Peter Bourjos – 3/5, R, HR, 3 RBI…Bourjos has been the hottest hitter in the last week and he’s now on my team. So he’ll stink the joint up now.

Albert Pujols – Phat is now closing in on .300. Unreal. Best player of our time.

The Arms:
Michael Pineda
– 6/6/2/5:0…Been a bit since MP was last here, so good to see the Rook. Love him in 2012.

Tim Hudson – 7/3/0/7:3…Following up on 2010’s success. Thought he was a great bargain this year.

Ivan Nova – 7/5/0/5:1…Higher WHIP than you’d like to see, but he’s racking up the Ws.

Gavin Floyd – 7/3/0/6:1…Floyd has been hit or miss, but his hits are snazzy!

Jerome Williams – 7/6/1/6:0…Since his rookie season, like 10 years ago, he’s been MIA. Nice start last night.

Cory Luebke – 6/3/1/8:0…Like I said the other night, I am drafting all Padre pitchers in 2012.

Guillermo Moscoso – 8/3/1/7:1…Take out a few bad starts and GM has been NICE. 2012 sleeper?

Luis Perez – 6/1/0/4:2…Jays lefty with a great spot start (he may stick in the rotation now). Let’s monitor him for a bit.

If you have any roster or trade questions, feel free to drop me an email at 4thandHome@gmail.com. I should be able to get back to you within 18 hours.

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