NFL Recap – Week 10

Jaguars v. Colts: As I expected, another Colts debacle. If you picked up Jacob Tamme to replace Dallas Clark, at least you got something out of this offense (6 for 75). Not like Jacksonville did much better. Jarett Dillard (2 for 30, TD) was this week’s #1 Jaguar WR, but it was – again – MJD who was the only guy anyone probably started (114 rushing, TD, 23 receiving).

Saints v. Falcons: A wild one in Atlanta, and both QBs put up great numbers: Matt Ryan (351, 2 TDs) actually slightly outperformed Drew Brees (322, 2 TDs), and all the scoring was through the air. Marques Colston (8 for 113), Jimmy Graham (7 for 82, TD), and Robert Meachem (2 for 69, TD) led the way for NO, while Harry Douglas of all people (8 for 133) was Atlanta’s leading WR. Tony Gonzalez had a fine day (6 for 71, TD), while Jason Snelling caught a TD pass out of the backfield (2 for 25). Michael Turner was the only RB to own here (96 rushing, 10 receiving).

Texans v. Bucs: Talk about efficient: Matt Schaub completed 11 passes, yet had a very good day (242, 2 TDs) – but, in a very bad Sunday for injuries – he is out indefinitely with a severe foot injury. He hit Beast-Mode Arian Foster (84 rushing, TD, 102 receiving, TD) and Jacoby Jones (2 for 87, TD) for long scores. Ben Tate (63 rushing) and Derrick Ward (36 rushing) each ran for scores as well. Houston is clicking right now, on both sides of the ball. TB was a bystander in this game, you wanted no part of anyone on that team today.  Only Preston Parker was of some sort of value (2 for 17, TD).

Steelers v. Bengals: A whole bunch of mediocre fantasy production here; given the quality of the defenses, not surprising. Big Ben (245, TD) and Andy Dalton (170, 2 TDs) didn’t win your match-up this week, and neither did Mike Wallace (31 rushing, 6 for 54) or A.J. Green (1 for 36, TD), who twisted his knee, but should be alright. Antonio Brown was a solid WR3 (5 for 86), and Rashard Mendenhall didn’t do much yardage-wise – 44 rushing, 26 receiving – but picked up two rushing TDs. Jermaine Gresham also saved his fantasy day with a score (4 for 23). Bad news for Roethlisberger owners: he fractured his right thumb, but apparently will play through it. Hard to see how it won’t have some affect on his passing though.

Panthers v. Titans: Cam Newton can’t do it every week, I guess. He was average at best (212 passing, 55 rushing), while the rest of his team failed to do anything of consequence fantasy-wise. Matt Hasselbeck was not much better (219 passing, TD, 21 rushing). This game belonged to Chris Johnson, who finally decided in week 10 to deliver a worthy performance (130 rushing, TD, 44 receiving). Damian Williams was Hasselbeck’s favorite target (5 for 107, TD).

Cardinals v. Eagles: If you had John Skelton outscoring Michael Vick, 1) you won and 2) can I have some of what you were smoking? Amazingly, Skelton was great (315, 3 TDs), while Vick was terrible (128 passing, 79 rushing), at least in part due to him suffering some broken ribs early on, placing his status in doubt for Sunday’s huge game against the G-men. In his (additional) defense, he was without DeSean Jackson (missed team meeting on Saturday) and lost Jeremy Maclin to a shoulder injury for most of the game. LeSean McCoy was the lone bright spot for Philly (81 rushing, TD, 12 receiving). Back to Arizona, Larry Fitz had his best game of the year (7 for 146, 2 TDs), while Early Doucet caught a TD as well (2 for 24).

Broncos v. Chiefs: Oh Tim Tebow, you are an enigma. Complete 2 or 8 passes? Check. Toss a TD pass/rush for one? Check. Win the game despite sorry completion percentage/yardage total? Check. Tebow’s scores buoyed your fantasy team, but subtract those and you’d be cursing his 69 passing/43 rushing tallies. Then again, at least he wasn’t Matt Cassel (93 passing, TD). Ugh. Willis McGahee hurt his hamstring, so no repeat of his week 9 domination; he was replaced by Knowshon Moreno, who subsequently tore his ACL. The third-stringer, Lance Ball, did pretty well (96 rushing). Eric Decker also caught one of the two Tebow completions for a long score (56 yards).

Bills v. Cowboys: Earth to Buffalo: welcome back! Fred Jackson was at least productive (114 rushing, fumble lost), and David Nelson caught Ryan Fitzpatrick’s lone TD pass (4 for 31), but that was that. Dallas stole the show, specifically Tony Romo (270, 3 TDs), Laurent Robinson (3 for 73, 2 TDs), Dez Bryant (6 for 74, TD), and DeMarco Murray (135 rushing, TD, 36 receiving).

Rams v. Browns: Ugly game. Steven Jackson (128 rushing, 23 receiving, fumble lost) and Chris Ogbonnaya (90 rushing, 19 receiving) were solid on the ground, while Brandon Lloyd (4 for 48, TD) and Greg Little (6 for 84) weren’t all bad through the air. The QBs? Nah.

Redskins v. Dolphins: Another game to ignore the signal callers. Reggie Bush was the star here (47 rushing, 2 TDs), and he was joined by Brandon Marshall (7 for 98) and Washington rookie Leonard Hankerson (8 for 106), who would have been a big waiver add this week had he not torn the labrum in his hip. Tough break.

Ravens v. Seahawks: Not sure why Joe Flacco threw the ball 52 times while Baltimore completely abandoned the run game down only two scores, but ok. The strategy did not work, however (255, TD). Ray Rice got no love on the ground (27 rushing, 54 receiving), but he did toss a TD from the halfback position. Marshawn Lynch had his 2nd consecutive 100 yard day (109 rushing, TD, 58 receiving), and probably had his 2nd consecutive Sunday on your bench/waiver wire. Baltimore’s big scorer was none other than Ed Dickson (10 for 79, 2 TDs).

Giants v. 49ers: Eli Manning led a furious 4th quarter charge, and again had very good fantasy stats (311, 2 TDs). Alex Smith wasn’t bad himself (242, TD, 27 rushing). Frank Gore hurt his knee early and was a non-factor as a result. In his place, Kendall Hunter was solid, if unspectacular (40 rushing, TD). NY had the better of the receiving performances: Victor Cruz (6 for 84), Mario Manningham (6 for 77, TD) and Hakeem Nicks (2 for 41, TD) were all good. San Fran was led by Vernon Davis (3 for 40, TD), and Delanie Walker was a decent TE option too (6 for 69).

Bears v. Lions: Billed as a to close to call NFC North match-up with playoff implications, this one was a laugher for Chicago. The D/ST scored three times, obviously limiting the offensive numbers on both teams. Matt Stafford threw for 3 TDs, but unfortunately 2 were pick sixes (338, TD); he also broke his right index finger, but should be ok next Sunday. Nate Burleson (8 for 83), and Calvin Johnson (7 for 81) both lost fumbles, and Titus Young had a good day (9 for 83). Tony Scheffler caught Stafford’s only TD pass (3 for 37). Matt Forte (64 rushing, TD) and Earl Bennett (6 for 81) were the only Chicago offensive pieces to own, unless you count Devin Hester, who ran back a punt.

Patriots v. Jets: Think Brady and Co. were playing this game angry? Tommy Boy went off against a supposedly tough D  (329, 3 TDs), with Rob Gronkowski doing his best Antonio Gates circa 2007 imitation (8 for 113, 2 TDs). Deion Branch added the other score (5 for 58). For NY, Mark Sanchez gave you great yardage, and two scores, pretty nice (306, TD, rushing TD), while Santonio Holmes (6 for 93), Jeremy Kerley (4 for 79), and Plaxico Burress (3 for 39, TD) were good WR options. Nothing doing on the ground really from either team.

Vikings v. Packers: Men against toddlers in the Monday Nighter, GB being the men. Aaron Rodgers continued his season for the ages (250, 4 TDs, 21 rushing), with nary a Packer receiver going for over 67 yards (Jermichael Finley, on 3 catches). Jordy Nelson caught two red zone TDs (5 for 63), while Greg Jennings (3 for 32) and John Kuuuuhn (2 for 9) rounded out the scoring. Oh, yea, Minnesota did score once, an AP short TD run (51 rushing). With Peyton Manning out all year and a question mark going forward, it looks like the mantle of league’s best/most valuable QB has officially been passed to Rodgers, IMO.

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