NFL Recap – Week 11

Raiders v. Vikings: Michael Bush is making Oakland forget about DMC; well, not really, but the guy has been superlative since taking the starting role, adding another one to the ledger this week (109 rushing, TD, 20 receiving, fumble lost). The other Raiders did not fare as well, though Carson Palmer’s poor passing day (164, TD) was supplemented by a rushing TD; Chaz Schillens caught the passing score, his only catch of the day (11 yards); tough to figure out the Oakland WRs week in and week out. For Minny, Adrian Peterson rushed for a score, but hurt his ankle, limiting his numbers (26 yards rushing); X-rays were negative though, no worries. Percy Harvin had one of his better pro games (6 for 73, TD, 21 rushing), and Christian Ponder was very useful (211, 2 TDs, 71 rushing).

Bills v. Dolphins: Impressive games from several Miami players. Matt Moore had a big day (164 passing, 3 TDs), Reggie Bush was solid again (32 rushing, TD, 34 receving), and Charles Clay (4 for 69), Devone Bess (2 for 25), and Anthony Fasano (2 for 8) all caught TD passes. Everyone on Buffalo was awful. The shine is gone, folks.

Bengals v. Ravens: The Ravens figured out this week they have a pretty darn good RB and should feed him the ball – Ray Rice obliged (104 rushing, 2 TDs, 43 receiving). Torrey Smith also had himself a fine day (6 for 165, TD), and is having a great rookie campaign in a not so great passing offense. Anquan Boldin chipped in a TD catch of his own, but was 2nd fiddle to Smith today (1 for 35). For the cats, Andy Dalton was great yardage-wise, but not so TD wise (373 yards, 1 TD); Andre Caldwell caught the TD (3 for 63), while Jerome Simpson racked up serious yardage (8 for 152). Cedric Benson had two shortish TD runs to bolster his 41 yard day.

Jaguars v. Browns: At first glance, you’d think ‘pass,’ as far as impact fantasy performances beyond MJD, but you’d be wrong, sorta. MJD did his thing, sure (87 rushing, TD, 31 receiving), but Chris Ogbonnaya busted out (115 rushing, TD, 19 receiving); oh yea, Josh Cribbs snuck in short TD grab (3 for 20), and Colt McCoy also was not horrible, if that means anything to you (199 yards, TD).

Cowboys v. Redskins: Lots through the air as expected in this one. Tony Romo picked apart the Washington secondary (292, 3 TDs), while Rex Grossman acquitted himself well on the other side (289, 2 TDs), adding a rushing score to boot. The Dallas receivers were led by Jason Witten (3 for 85, TD), Dez Bryant (3 for 68, TD) and Laurent Robinson (4 for 34, TD). The ‘Skins had some throwback WRs lead the way: Jabar Gaffney (7 for 115, TD) and – ! – Donte` Stallworth  (4 for 51, TD). DeMarco Murray had a ‘meh’ day for him considering the opponent, but still gave you over 100 yards (73 rushing, 32 receiving).

Bucs v. Packers: Tampa put up some gaudy numbers, surprisingly: Josh Freeman went over 300 (342, 2 TDs), LeGarrette Blount went over 100 (107 rushing, TD), as did Kellen Winslow (9 for 132). Mike Williams even joined the party (7 for 83, TD). And Arrelious Benn gets an honorable mention as well (5 for 75). Rodgers? Oh, just 299, 3 TDs, 28 rushing, that’s all. Jordy Nelson was all over this one (6 for 123, TDs), while Donald Driver made an appearance (4 for 72). James Starks got hurt, but had a solid combined yardage day before that (38 rushing, 53 receiving).

Panthers v. Lions: A good old fashioned shoot-out took place in Detroit. Matt Stafford was sick (335, 5 TDs), while Cam Newton was erratic, but productive (280 passing, TD, 4 INTs, 37 rushing, 2 TDs). Remember Kevin Smith? He returned with a vengeance (140 rushing, 2 TDs, 61 receiving, TD), putting up one of the best RB fantasy games this year. Megatron led the Lions in yards receiving (5 for 89), but his WR/TE mates scored a TD each: Nate Burleson (7 for 63), Brandon Pettigrew (4 for 37), Tony Scheffler (2 for 24), and Titus Young (2 for 14). For Carolina, Jonathan Stewart was big out of the backfield (6 for 87), while Steve Smith caught Newton’s TD pass to go with a 5 for 41 day.

Cardinals v. 49ers: Ugly game for the Cards, nice game for the 9ers. Only Larry Fitz produced for Arizona (3 for 41, TD). For SF, Alex Smith gave you a solid line (267, 2 TDs, 17 rushing), while Frank Gore turned in a workmanlike 88 yards rushing. Michael Crabtree justified his 1st round draft price for one week (7 for 120), Vernon Davis scored for the 2nd straight week (5 for 67), and Kyle Williams had a breakout game (5 for 54, TD). John Skelton was not injured, just removed for utter ineffectiveness.

Seahawks v. Rams: Not much to see here. Marshawn Lynch ran for a TD for the 6th straight week (88 rushing), Sidney Rice caught Tarvaris Jackson’s only TD pass (3 for 35), Justin Forsett added a rushing TD (31 rushing), and Brandon Lloyd caught Sam Bradford’s only TD toss (5 for 67).

Chargers v. Bears: Vinny Jackson has had only four good games, but they have all been huge; this one was one those huge ones (7 for 165, TD). Philip Rivers was respectable here, unlike some recent weeks (280, 2 TDs), and his counterpart Jay Cutler was great (286, 2 TDs, rushing TD) before he tragically broke his throwing thumb late, which probably ends his season. Matt Forte was actually held in check (59 rushing, 26 receiving), no thanks to a Marion Barber vulture TD (23 rushing). Antonio Gates (4 for 63, TD), Johnny Knox (3 for 97, TD) and Earl Bennett (3 for 75) all contributed.

Titans v. Falcons: Hello Jake Locker! Guy had 9 completions but 140 yards and 2 TDs in relief of Matt Hasselbeck, who left with an elbow injury – no structural damage reported. Nate Washington had a gigantic day and was Locker’s favorite target (9 for 115, 2 TDs). For ATL, Matt Ryan was very good (316, TD), Michael Turner was better (100 rushing, TD), and Roddy White finally had a big game, though no scores (7 for 147). Tony Gonzalez caught Ryan’s TD (5 for 74).

Eagles v. Giants: Who needs Michael Vick? Not when you play the suddenly offensively-challenged Giants. Vince Young had a very good game (258, 2 TDs), and did nothing on the ground surprisingly. DeSean Jackson saves his best for the Meadowlands (6 for 88, 1 inch from a punt return TD), while Riley Cooper, welcome to the NFL (5 for 75, TD). Steve Smith caught 1 ball, but made it count (14 yard TD). And LeSean McCoy was a dud until the last offensive play for Philly, coming up two yards shy of a TD (113 rushing). For NY, Victor Cruz keeps it up (6 for 128, TD), and Eli Manning had an ok day, but that was it (264, TD, fumble lost).

Chiefs v. Patriots: If you own Dwayne Bowe and/or Steve Breaston, you weren’t too disappointed (7 for 87 and 6 for 73 respectively); otherwise, hope you stayed far, far away from anything KC related. For NE, a relatively ho-hum day for Tom Brady (234, 2 TDs, both to Rob Gronkowski; more on him later), while BenJarvus Green-Ellis had over 100 all purpose yards (81 rushing, 25 receiving). Shane Vereen had the obligatory Patrio rub-it-in-your-face late meaningless score in this blowout (39 rushing). Robby G? just 4 catches for 96 yards and the aforementioned 2 scores. To call drafting him in the late rounds/picking him up on waivers a steal would do a disservice to just how awesome this guy has been. The TE touchdown record is in serious jeopardy (13, held by Antonio Gates and Vernon Davis) and he even has an outside shot at the single-season yardage record (1,290, held by Kellen Winslow, Sr.).

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