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Killboy’s Results

What a great day for everyone who made the intelligent decision to take my advice. Doesn’t it feel good to wake up and check your online sportsbook account the day after a big win?

1.) Run Line: Steelers +3 (-120) Loss -100

2.) Over/Under: Over 45 (-110) WIN +91

3.) Coin Toss: Tails (-105) Loss -100

4.) First Scoring Play: GB Passing TD (+400) Win +400

5.) Safety: Yes (+700) Loss -100

6.) Fox Mentions Brett Favre Over/Under: Over (-150) Loss -100

7.) Fergie’s Halftime Attire: Dress/Skirt (Even) Win +100

8.) Gatorade Color Dumped on Winning Coach: Orange (+300) Win +300

9.) MVP Thanks First: Teammates (Even) Win +100

10.) Money Line: GB (-140) Win +71

Total: 6 wins 4 losses +662!

Woooo Hooooo!!! I guess I still have a job!


10 QUESTIONS: Killboy’s Debut

After watching the NFC tear the AFC apart in the 1st Half of the Pro Bowl this evening, I decided to call our resident Betting Expert for his take on some Super Bowl Props.

Mike: Killboy? What are you doing?

Killboy: Uhm, at my girlfriend’s grandmother’s house.

Mike: What the —- are you doing there?

Killboy: Moved out of my apartment, but the new place isn’t ready. So I moved in here for a month.

Mike: Are you serious? What are you all doing right now, watching Dean Martin Show re-runs or the Pro Bowl?

Killboy: Uhm, To Catch a Predator.


Killboy: (Laughing) Yep!

Mike: Ok, let’s change the subject.

Alright, Killboy. I have $1,000 to place some bets. This is your debut to show the world your skillz. Ten questions for you – answer immediately.

Killboy: LET’S DO THIS SH-T!

1.Packers are favored by 3. Who you like? Gimme the Steelers with the points.

2. Over/Under at 45: Gimme the OVER.

3. Coin toss: Tails.

4. First TD of the game: Rodgers to Jennings.

5. Safety, Yes or No: Yes.

6. Over/Under is 2.5 that will Joe Buck will mention “Brett Favre” during the broadcast: OVER! Buck makes me nauseous.

7. Fergie will wear pants or a skirt: Skirt.

8. Color of Gatorade that will be dumped on winning coach: Orange.

9. MVP will thank who first: Teammates.

10. Final score. GB 28-27.

Alright, Killboy. We’ll see if you still have a job here come Monday the 7th. OMG! This dude is such a pervert! Alright, man. I gotta go.