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05.09.11 Box Score Breakdown: Fantasy MLB News and Notes

A happy Mother’s Day out there to all of you Mexican mommies. Didn’t know Me-he-co had their own Mother’s Day…

4th and Home Player of the Day: Josh Willingham – 2/4, 2 R, HR, 5 RBI…Despite the .235 average, J-Willy has 6 HR and 22 RBI.

Here’s what else I saw:

The Bats:
Gaby Sanchez
– 3/4, R, HR, 3 RBI…Dirty is on fire of late. Seems like I just wrote about him. Oh wait…

Chris Coghlan – 3/4, R, RBI, BB, SB…Consistency would do him some good, but a nice line vs. the Phils.

Jimmy Rollins – 2/5, 2 R, HR, RBI…The power hasn’t been there, but his other numbers are up to par with the bounceback calls during the pre-season.

Victor Martinez – 3/4, 2 R, HR, 3 RBI, BB…Batting .409 since coming off the DL last week.

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04.09.11 Box Score Breakdown: Fantasy MLB News and Notes

A full slate of great games on the second Saturday of the season including a Doubleheader in Baltimore and a suspended game in San Diego. Kudos to the schedule makers for all the great divisional rivalries right off the bat – none better than Yankees-Red Sox which always has a playoff atmosphere and tons of fantasy implications. The Red Sox were desperate to build on Friday’s first win, but it was not to be as the Yanks prevailed 9-4. Not to be outdone, the Phillies hot bats picked right back up after Friday’s loss to crush their chief rival Braves 10-2. The Rangers were blanked in the opener by the O’s but then turned around and spanked them in the night cap 13-1. And then we had A’s at Twins – wow, what a slug fest as the A’s prevail 1-0 behind Gio. Neither of these teams can hit their way out of a wet paper bag. The Rays nightmare April continues as they dropped to 1-7 reminiscent of their pre-2008 dominance. The Giants Miguel Tejada walked off on the Cardinals to turn a 2-1 deficit into a 3-2 win.
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2011 National League East Previews: Phillies

Today’s focus: Philadelphia Phillies

2010 Record 97-65 1st Place NL East, Best Record in MLB.  Lost to Giants in NLCS
The Phillies off season can be summed up with two words: CLIFF LEERuben Amaro Jr and the Phillies shocked the baseball universe when they emerged as the “Mystery Team” swooping in to sign Lee for fewer years and dollars than the Yankees and Rangers were reported to have offered.  The Phils have assembled easily the best pitching rotation in baseball, and on paper, the best in the past 20 years.

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2011 Fantasy Baseball “September Stars” Series: Drew Stubbs

Last week we looked at the September Star phenomenon and how an astute eye could have forecasted a Jose Bautista 2010 breakout. This week we take a look at our first nominee, Drew Stubbs, to determine if he’s destined for 2011 stardom.

Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images North America

Before we get into Stubbs’ prospects, let’s examine the last 5 years of 20-30 players:

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Bounce Back Player of the Week – Rollins

This will be a weekly column leading up to the start of the baseball season highlighting players I’m looking at for a significant jump in stats over last year.

Week 1’s Selection: Jimmy Rollins

J-Roll is coming off his worst statistical season since becoming a full time major leaguer. He’s 32 year old, had a rash of leg injuries last season and his game depends upon speed. Right about now you’re probably wondering why I would pick him as a bounce back player for 2011! Well, I have 3 good reasons:

1)      He’s healthy again after a full off season of workouts and his new found fondness of yoga.

2)      He’s extremely likely to be hitting in the #5 spot which will give him a lot of RBI chances in that lineup.

3)      IT’S A CONTRACT YEAR! He knows he has to produce to get paid, isn’t it funny how that always seems to help.

With those factors and the lack of quality depth at shortstop, I’d safely bet on Rollins being a top 5 shortstop again this year with the potential to end up as high as 3rd.

2011 Fantasy Forecast: 85 R, 18 HR, 90 RBI, 25 SB, .265 Avg