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NL Waiver Wire Gems

John Buck, C, Florida Marlins (34% owned Yahoo, 6.5% ESPN)

Current Stat Line: .234/38/16/52/0

Buck has been quite hot the last two weeks, collecting 3 HRs, 8 RBIs, and a .294 average. He is quietly on pace for 20/65 and, while the average sucks, you expect that from your backstop. Power is in short supply this year across the board, and Buck could prove to be a positive addition down the stretch if you are hurting for a catcher with some pop.

My Projection (all rest of season): .250/12/5/17/0

Logan Morrison, OF, Florida Marlins (29% Yahoo, 42.7% ESPN)

Current Stat Line: .248/42/18/61/2

Mr. Immature is back! While I think the Marlins overreacted to Morrison’s shenanigan’s, maybe the send down will light a fire under him for the rest of the season, as he was not the same player the last few months that he was in April and May. He is only 3 for 16 since his return, but he does have a HR among those three hits; for him to be owned in less than 30% of leagues (a product of the demotion no doubt) is just plain wrong. Really, yahoo players, you own Pedro Alvarez (31%), Ty Wigginton (34%), and out for the season Stephen Drew (41%) more than this guy? Even accounting for those who have abandoned their teams, Mr. Morrison’s number should be higher.

My Projection: .270/15/5/17/2

James Loney, 1b, LA Dodgers (20% Yahoo, 20.1% ESPN)

Current Stat Line: .274/36/8/44/3

Talk about coming out of the woodwork of irrelevance. Loney has channeled 2007 the last two weeks, going 18/40, with 3 HRs, 8 RBIs, and 9 runs. Jump on him while he’s hot if you are banged up at 1b, or need some utility help. It probably won’t last long, but his prowess could make your fantasy season next week if you are on the bubble for the playoffs.

My Projection: .285/15/4/18/1

Orlando Hudson, 2b, San Diego Padres (17% Yahoo, 33.1% ESPN)

Current Stat Line: .257/42/4/37/17

Huddy has had his best stolen base production of his career with the run and gun Pods this year, and should break 20 fairly easily going forward. He also has been hitting for some serious average of late (.349 the last two weeks). I know, he is on the offensively challenges Friars, but if you are desperate for middle infield help and steals, I think he is a better option than Yuniesky Betancourt (33%), Rafael Furcal (35%), and Aaron Hill (47%)*

*Really, I don’t get the continued love for Hill. If you think he is going to return to his power charged 2009 ways in Arizona as compared to Toronto, I got an official Hurricane Irene ‘Go’ bag to sell ya – and you thought you were going to read something not referencing the storm this weekend.

My Projection: .270/15/1/12/5

J.D. Martinez, OF, Houston Astros (11% Yahoo, 18.1% ESPN)

Current Stat Line:  .296/14/5/24/0

Mining another woeful offense, Martinez has been prolific with the bat of late: 17/51 with a HR and ten RBIs in the last two weeks. Martinez is young and unpolished, but he will get plenty of chances to impress down the stretch for the historically bad ‘Stros. Deep league OF help, thy name is J.D.

My projection: .275/12/3/15/1

July 2011 “September Star” Review

Don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but this whole September stuff? We could be onto something here…

It’s time to buy, sell or hold (or monitor) my “September Stars”.

Drew Stubbs
My Projection:

Drew Stubbs through July:

Drew Stubbs extrapolated 2011:

Research Concern: BABIP
The BABIP dropped in July (.354), but not as much as you might think considering his less-than-stellar counting stat output.

Conclusion: July was a month where he didn’t perform and he pretty much followed his team down that path. As the Reds go, so does Drew. His numbers were decent. He had his highest BB rate and his lowest K rate of the season. His ISO (.096) was pretty low, which could be attributed to his higher than normal GB rate (53%). All in all, guys not getting on base in front of him hurt.

Buy, Sell or Hold? HOLD

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08.07.11 Box Score Breakdown: Fantasy MLB News and Notes

Welcome back to Box Score Breakdown.  Again today, I’ll be guesting for Mike.   Quite a weekend of baseball.  The Phillies took 3 of 4 from the Giants in an NLCS rematch/possible preview but had their win streak snapped at 9.  The Pirates continue to slide out of the playoff race as their losing streak reaches 10, what a nightmare.  The Yanks and Red Sox also gave us a taste of October with a great match up and great back drop to write this to.

4th and Home Player of the Day: Prince Fielder 3/4, 4 R, 2 RBI, HR, BB.  Prince gonna get paid.  .304/26/85.  Brewers 3 up on the Cards.

The Bats:
Albert Pujols – 2/4, 3 R, RBI, HR, BB…Homers in 3 of his last 4 games, now at 27 and batting .282.  Amazingly has re-entered MVP talk if he can get the Cardinals the Division title.

Matt Holliday – 2/4, 1 R, 3 RBI, BB…Along with Berkman, just an awesome 3,4,5 punch.  Back to back multi-hit games raises his avg to .318.  10 hits and 10 rbi this week.

Drew Stubbs – 2/3, 2 R, RBI, BB, HR, SB…BSFU!  Snaps out of a mini slump

Marlon Byrd – 3/3, R, 2 RBI, BB…Avg back up to .310 – but where is the power?  Cubs are just playing out the string – there’s always next year Chicago.

Logan Morrison – 1/4…Writing not about the 1/4 but to say, is this all?  Morrison is starting to become a real disappointment.  He’ll have quick short bursts of power then zzz through a week like this one.

Jason Heyward – 1/2, 2 R, 1 RBI, HR, BB…Speaking of disappointments…Heyward was benched for the last 2 games and responded by crushing a home run in his first AB.   He went on a tear to end 2010 and his graphs are trending that way again.

Jose Constanza – 2/3, 2 R, 2 RBI, HR, BB, SB…BSFU!  Has now hit in 8 of his first 9 MLB games including 7 in a row.  If you saw this coming from the 27 year old rookie, go you!  He also took out Met’s Daniel Murphy on a hard SB slide, possibly ending his season.

Dan Uggla – 1/5…Continues the ugliest (pun unintentional) hitting streak in recent memory.  Has raised his average 42 points….to .220!!

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2011 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Gems: National League

Logan Morrison, OF Florida Marlins ( 47 percent owned in Yahoo, 89.1 percent in ESPN)

Current Stat Line: .266 AVG / 29 R / 12 HR / 42 RBI / 1 SB

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June 2011 “September Star” Review

Ok, I am getting back on track here. Some interesting developments with our “Stars”. Listen, we can’t get them all right, but the approach will shine light on some potential bargains and studs as you head into your draft each year. I’ve laid the foundation and showed you what to look for so next year you can ignore my articles. Kidding! Keep coming back, Mom and Dad!

It’s time to buy, sell or hold my “September Stars”.

Drew Stubbs
My Projection:

Drew Stubbs through June:

Drew Stubbs extrapolated 2011:

Research Concern: BABIP
Again his BABIP rose, this time to .375. It does concern me, because a July, August or September swoon could really devastate his batting average and counting stats.

Conclusion: This guy’s numbers are all over the place, but somehow his counting stats are very close to what was predicted back in the pre-season. His K% jumped to 40.6%. Yuck! His HR/FB jumped to 18.2%, which shows us he was all or nothing (which I’ve said many times) when looked at with his K%. It was nice to see him get his LD% back up, but the 13.6 IFFB% shows that he can get his average up if he starts driving the ball more and being more selective at what pitches to take yard.

Buy, Sell or Hold? HOLD

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May 2011 “September Star” Review

Long overdue to get this May article out. I’ve let my two readers down (my parents). Lo siento! Get your recap from April (here).

It’s time to buy, sell or hold my “September Stars”.

Drew Stubbs
My Projection:

Drew Stubbs through May:

Drew Stubbs extrapolated 2011:

Research Concern: BABIP
Stubbs had a BABIP of .361 in May, which is a bit above his carer average. His batting average was right in line with April’s.

Conclusion: Stubbs HR/FB came back to earth in May, so right now he is on pace for a 20/40 season. Seems I was low on his SB potential

Buy, Sell or Hold? BUY

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Killin’ the Odds & the Regular Season

Welcome back to Killin’ the Odds & the Regular Season! In the “Today’s Games” section, you will see my picks to win for the day. I will post either the “Money Line” or the “Run Line”. The money line is always a “straight up” bet which means your team will never need to win or lose by a specific amount of runs. The money line odds represent what amount has to be wagered or what can be won. For example, if there is a minus sign (-) next to an amount, you have to wager that amount to win 100. If there is a plus sign (+) next to an amount, you will receive that amount for every 100 wagered. When you see a “Run Line”, that means a spread is involved. In Baseball, the spread is always 1.5 runs but you can find alternate run lines on some websites. When I post a run line of -1.5, that means our team must win by two runs. When you see a run line of +1.5, that means our team can lose by one run and still win the wager. Listen to our show from April 5th, 2011 for more explanation and tips.

Today’s Games (4/26/11)
San Francisco Giants -1.5 (+115) @ Pittsburgh Pirates +1.5 (-135) My Pick: Pirates Run Line
Anytime you see a home team underdog with a run line of +1.5 at -140 or better, you should take a closer look. The Giants are 13th in the National League in runs and Matt Cain has started the year slowly. Andrew McCutchen and Neil Walker have put together a few solid games at the plate. I also think a change of scenery will do Brandon Wood some good. Either way, I think this game will remain close.
Seattle Mariners (-119) @ Detroit Tigers (+109) My Pick: Mariners Money Line
It’s hard to argue against Felix Hernandez but it’s even harder to argue against Felix Hernandez when he’s playing the Tigers. In his past 5 starts against the Tigers, King Felix is 4-0 with a 1.87 ERA and 39:5 K:BB in only 33.2 IP. The Tigers are not great versus right-handed starters because their lineup is mostly right-handed. The last time Phil Coke has pitched against the Mariners was exactly one week ago and he gave up  6 ER in only 3.2 IP. King Felix will have to go a long way in this one but he is due.
 Los Angeles Dodgers (-137) @ Florida Marlins (+127) My Pick: Dodgers Money Line
It’s no wonder why the Marlins are trotting around with a 14-7 record. Any lesser record would be a disappointment after facing teams like the Mets, Nationals, Astros, and Pirates. With Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers coming to town, it is time for them to come back to Earth. Kershaw’s last start in Sun Life Stadium was stellar with 7 innings of one-hit ball. Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp are still on a roll plus, Juan Uribe is expected back today. Volstad has given up 14 R in 15 IP this year. Hanley Ramirez is still slumping and Logan Morrison is still on the DL.
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Disagree? Light me up in the comments.

2011 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Gems – National League

Everyone knows you need to make a few moves throughout the season and it’s not all about the draft. This post is designed to help you rule the waivers! So when your league-mates are in an 11 team race to see who will acquire the next Willie Bloomquist, you can take your pick and laugh all the way to a fantasy championship!

Logan Morrison, OF Florida Marlins (38% owned in Yahoo, 37% in ESPN)

Current Stat Line – .333 AVG/ 5 R/ 2 HR/ 5 RBI

Morrison was penciled in at the 3-spot in the order with Hanley Ramirez out. He is the team’s best hitter right now as 5 of his 10 hits have gone for extra bases and he’s rockin’ a snappy 8:6 BB:K ratio. We could easily see a line of .280 AVG / 70 R / 20 HR / 80 RBI by season’s end.

Ben Francisco, OF Philadelphia Phillies (42% owned in Yahoo, 54% in ESPN)

Current Stat Line – .333 AVG/ 7 R / 2 HR / 7 RBI / 1 SB 

Everyone seems to forget his time in Cleveland but he put up some useful numbers. He hit 15 HR in 447 AB in 2008. In the time split between CLE and PHI in 2009, he hit 15 HR and stole 14 bases in only 405 AB. I would like to see Ben Francisco batting 5th behind Ryan Howard. If he obtains at least 500 AB this season, we could see a line of .269 AVG / 70 R / 20 HR / 83 RBI / 10 SB. 

Danny Espinosa, 2B Washington Nationals (10% owned in Yahoo, 6% in ESPN)

Current Stat Line – .304 AVG / 5 R / 1 HR / 5 RBI

Last year with the Nationals, Espinosa hit six home runs in 103 at bats. He has also shown an interesting combination of power and speed in the minors. In his last 955 minor league at bats he hit 40 home runs and stole 54 bases. That’s pretty fancy even though I don’t expect the .304 AVG to stick. My projection: .260 AVG / 69 R / 19 HR / 72 RBI / 12 SB

 Chase Headley, 3B San Diego Padres (27% owned in Yahoo)

Current Stat Line – .280 AVG / 3 R / 1 HR / 7 RBI

Currently Headley’s BB:K ratio is 5:5 and he is hitting in an RBI friendly spot in the order. He has shown a bit more power in the minors so I suspect his low home run totals may be a product of Petco or maybe he is still adjusting to the majors. I still expect his home run total to increase and he also stole 17 bases in 2010. He could finish with a .270 AVG / 65 R /16 HR / 70 RBI / 14 SB.

Chris Narveson, SP Milwaukee Brewers (11% owned in Yahoo)

Current Stat Line – 1 W / 0 L / 0.0 ERA / 14 K / 1.00 WHIP

I’m not condoning you drop guys like Cole Hamels or Ryan Dempster for Chris Narveson but he could fit in nicely as an injury replacement. If he puts together a few more solid starts, he is someone you could also sell high on. Aside from the Reds, the NL Central has had some issues scoring runs as of late. With the Astros, Nationals and Pirates on the schedule for April, he should be a good option for a spot start or two. My Projection: 11 W / 11 L / 3.85 ERA / 165 K / 1.30 WHIP


04.05.11 Box Score Breakdown: Fantasy MLB News and Notes

David Wright had 4 hits against the Phillies in a rout. Cole Hamels was lit up and I even got a message from Jesse during the game saying “Hamels is hurt, book it.  He’ll be on the DL before the month is out.”

Chris Young, in his first start as a Metropolitan, struck out 7, walked 4, and allowed 5 hits and a run in 5.1 innings. Remember, his pitch counts get high real fast (1 CG in 135 career starts), so don’t count on him to go deep into games. Monitor and be ready to pounce. Really, really like him in Citi. If healthy, a great pick-up.

Another game, another home run for Mark Teixeira. That makes 4 in 5 games, same as Nelson Cruz. Did you know: The most home runs Teix has ever hit in April was 6? He’s done that once. Giddy up!

C.C. Sabathia pitched a gem, only to see Rafael Soriano blow it by giving up 4 runs. Sabathia threw 7, 2-hit innings, striking out 6 and walking 1 in a ND. Remember this game when Sabathia finishes a win shy of 20.

Jered Weaver was fantastic against the Rays, going 6.2 and striking out 6 while allowing just 6 baserunners and 1 run. Weaver now sports a 0.69 ERA and 0.77 WHIP through two starts. Tasty.

After being named the new Angels closer, Jordan Walden closed Weaver’s game out. As I mentioned on The 4th and Home Show last night, it’s time to grab Walden if he’s available.

I mentioned during Spring Training that Aaron Harang was worth monitoring pitching in PETCO. In his first start as a Padre in San Diego, he struck out 6 Giants in 6 innings, allowing just 8 baserunners and 1 run. Keep him on your watch list.

And…the Sawx fall to 0-4. You would’ve thought win #1 would’ve come against the Tribe, but Josh Beckett allowed 5 hits, 4 walks and 3 runs in 5 innings to take the L.

Carl Crawford went 0-4 with a K in the 2-hole. He is now 2-15 on the year.

After looking like garbage all Spring, Mike Leake turned in a very nice outing against the Astros. Over 6 innings he allowed just 5 baserunners and 2 runs while striking out 4. Not sure how long he’s going to be in the rotation, but he’s on my watch list.

Making their first MLB starts, Michael Pineda and Alexi Ogando turned in decent performances. Pineda allowed 6 baserunners and 3 runs over 6 innings. He struck out 4. I watched part of this game and he looked pretty darn good, especially if you remove the 2-run 6th. Ogando simply shut the M’s down. Pulled after just 90 pitches, he allowed just 4 baserunners and struck out 4. Monitor him. He was great out of the bullpen last year and can strike guys out.

Yovani Gallardo was brilliant against a good-hitting Braves team. He completely shut them down as the Braves could only muster 2 hits and 2 walks against him. He  struck out just 2 and I have to wonder about Gallardo’s 6:5 ratio over 15 innings so far this year. Where da Ks? Guess you can’t complain too much when he’s sporting a 1.20 ERA and 0.93 WHIP.

Look out. Logan Morrison now has 2 bombs. Remember, I said if his HR/AB rate hit 3%, he could hit 20 HR. Small sample size alert: Right now he’s at 14%.

If you don’t remember the above, do you remember my sleeper alert about Kyle McClellan? McClellan shut the Pirates down, allowing 7 base runners and 2 runs over 6 innings while striking out 7. Season ERA = 3.00. Yeah, yeah…small smaple size.

Jhoulys Chacin beat Clayton Kershaw, Killboy, and Vegas on Tuesday night. He turned in a solid performance against the Dodgers, allowing just 5 hits, 2 walks and 0 runs in 7 innings. He struck out 4. I’m sure he was drafted in your league, but if he somehow slipped through the cracks, grab him now.

2011 Fantasy Baseball “September Stars” Series: Brian Matusz

This week we take a look at our final “September Star”: Brian Matusz.

Matusz was a 2010 pre-season fantasy sleeper as he lit up the opposition in spring training. As most will point out, don’t place too much stock into March heroes. In his first full season, he compiled a line of 10-12/4.30/1.34/143 in 175+ innings for the Orioles. From August on, though, he looked every bit the ace many were hoping he’d become.

Let’s look at those final two months and decide if he is ready to turn in a full season of magic…

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