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2011 Fantasy Baseball “September Stars” Series: Madison Bumgarner

This week we take a look at our second “September Star” pitcher: Madison Bumgarner.

Bumgarner made only one start in 2009, but wound up getting 18 in 2010. His season was a little up and down by month, but he was stellar in July and September.

Let’s focus on his September stat line to try and discover if he can continue his effectiveness into 2011…

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2011 Fantasy Baseball “September Stars” Series: Mike Aviles

Last week we went over Logan Morrison (here). This week we take a look at Mike Aviles of the Kansas City Royals.

Aviles burst onto the scene in 2008 as a 27 year-old, spending most of his time at SS for the Royals. In his 419 partial-season at bats he hit .325/68/10/51/8 and was tagged as a potential breakout player for the 2009 season. Unfortunately, 2009 saw Aviles undergo Tommy John surgery after just 36 games.  He entered 2010 as a question mark, but picked right back up where he left off in May going .304/63/8/32/14 in 424 at bats. A poor June removed from his batting average would’ve left him with a .323 average, which was similar to what he did over the course of 2008. Even after missing a year, Aviles was pretty much the same player he was before the injury. Of course, he stole 6 more bases, but knocked in 19 fewer runs.

This being the “September Stars” Series, let’s now examine what Mike Aviles did last September to warrant his selection this week…

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National League East Previews: Marlins

Today’s focus: Florida Marlins

2010 Record: 80-82, 3rd Place NL East (tied for 8th in NL)

The Marlins have now played 8 seasons since winning the second of their two world championships and in their 18 seasons overall, they still have never won their division.  In contrast, the Phillies have played 128 and won the same number of titles.  All this is to say, the Marlins are very good at catching lightning in a bottle and also very good at letting it walk out the door the next year to remain within their modest payroll.  The Marlins have been stringing more and more keys to their kite the past few years with the emergence of Josh Johnson, Chris Coghlan, Mike Stanton, and Logan Morrison to add to the star power of Hanley Ramirez.

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