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Fantasy MLB Spot Starting: 04.17.11

Welcome to the 3rd edition of  Spot Starting, if you missed our first couple posts, read herefor the explanation of how this works.  We also now have results from my first picks from Friday night, I’ll be keeping tabs on how my picks worked at below, and so far so good.

For games on Sunday April 17th these selected pitchers might be had in your league (less than 50% owned in Yahoo) with percent owned, team, and opponent:

Michael Pineda 46% (SEA) @ KC

Alexi Ogando 45% (TEX) @ NYY

Chris Young 34% (NYM) @ ATL  Likely to be scratched

Clayton Richard 32% (SD) @ HOU

Mark Buerle 19% (CWS) vs. LAA

Brian Duensing 18% (MIN) vs. TB

Fausto Carmona 17% (CLE) vs. BAL

My Pick: Michael Pineda at the Royals

Alternate: none

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Fantasy MLB Spot Starting: 04.15.11

Welcome to 4th and Home’s latest daily article called Spot Starting where we will highlight Starting Pitchers who are likely available on your league’s waiver wire and are projected to be starters the following day.  As we’ve discussed a lot on this site, starting pitchers are a lot less consistent and hard to predict year to year.  We’ve also pointed out all the value to be had in Starters late in drafts and off the waiver wire.  Using the last guy(s) on your bench as a flex position that you drop/add can be a very useful strategy to pad your pitching stats, especially in daily leagues.  On days when you have open pitcher slots it’s always advantageous to scan the waiver wire for favorable match ups.  Pitchers might be hard to project year to year, but it’s much easier to look at single game match ups and splits, much as you might do in Fantasy Football with your Defense.  One minor caveat is to be mindful of your league’s rules on maximum number of moves you can make in a season.  For instance, the league I play in allows 60 moves.  In a 22 week season, that’s around 3 per week.  Allowing for DL moves and other waiver pickups, if you do 1-2 Spot Starts per week, you should be just fine and you might just pick up a few extra head to head wins or eke out a pitching category.

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